American Indian Area Council

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When: Every Friday
Where: Union room 326, SIL dept.
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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» Mission Statement

The purposes of the American Indian Council are as follows:

  1. Plan and implement programs to improve the quality of the University, the educational experience of all students in general, and American Indian students in particular.
  2. Provide a cultural resource regarding American Indians for the University and the community.
  3. Provide a mechanism to facilitate the solution to American Indian students’ problems and complaints and to be open to ideas and suggestions.
  4. Work with High School Relations, Multicultural Student Center, and other recruiting entities on campus in the recruitment of new American Indian students.


  1. To invite all WSU Native American Indian students to belong to the AIC and to get involved by attending weekly or bi-weekly council meetings and participating in AIC activities that are held each month.
  2. For the AIC members to make their interests known by their participation in the meetings.
  3. To help plan the Pow Wow and other major events that the AIC sponsors during the school year.

» Memebers

American Indian Student Senator: Evan Chief

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