Undergraduate Research in MLS

Our on-campus MLS students are involved in a wide variety of undergraduate research projects, ranging from using molecular biology to identify virulence factors in bacteria to validating clinical instruments that detect antibodies in blood samples.

As an on-campus student, in your third year in the MLS program at Weber State University, you will have the opportunity to conduct research as part of a two semester class: MLS 4803 (fall semester, 2 credits) and MLS 4804 (spring semester, 2 credits). 

To begin a research project:

  1. Your first step is to develop an original research proposal in an area that is relevant to MLS. You will work as part of a team and be assigned a faculty mentor according to your proposed area of research.
  2. Once the project is approved, your research group will go through the process of writing a research grant and submitting it to the WSU Office of Undergraduate Research for possible funding of supplies and equipment. If appropriate, your group also will apply for Institutional Review Board approval.
  3. Your actual research work will be done toward the end of fall semester and the first half of spring semester. At the completion of the project, your group will write a scientific manuscript of your research and, if appropriate, submit the manuscript to a relevant scientific journal for publication.

Students are required to present the findings of their research at the WSU Undergraduate Spring Symposium in March of each year, as an oral and poster presentation. Students who have done outstanding research will be encouraged to apply to present their findings at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research, or the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Sciences National Conference .

For a list of current and past MLS research projects, visit the DCHP Undergraduate Research web page.


For information about undergraduate research at Weber State University, visit the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).