Lab Competency Requirements

Most of the MLS online theory courses have two major components:

  1. The didactic ("lecture") content, which is delivered online using various instructional approaches.
  2. The laboratory component, which is to be completed concurrently with the class in the laboratory where you are employed. 

A detailed list of laboratory competencies is provided for each course listed below. You will work closely with a mentor in your laboratory who has agreed to be available to answer questions, evaluate core laboratory competencies and assist you as needed. Laboratory competencies should not be performed during your working hours but on your own time.

The role of the mentor is not to serve as a full-time clinical instructor. Various mentors may be utilized depending on the size of the laboratory. At the end of each course, the mentor provides the MLS department with a completed competency list, including comments on your performance.

Check the course requirements for the AAS and the BS degree programs to see which courses you must take. Click on each course for a PDF file that lists the corresponding lab competencies: