Online Program FAQ

Question: How do I apply for the AAS or BS Online Program in Medical Laboratory Sciences?

Answer:  You must first apply to Weber State University for general admissions and then you may apply to the online MLS AAS or BS program. The application process for our department can be found on our website for the Online BS Program and Online AAS program. Application processing may take 8-12 weeks so we suggest that students apply early. Applicants that apply prior to meeting acceptance guidelines will be reviewed after each semester.  

Question: What are tuition costs? Is financial aid available?

Answer:  Current tuition and fees can be found on the WSU Costs page. It is very difficult to quote an exact amount that the program is going to cost. It depends on how many general education classes you will need to take, how many support courses you will need to take, the cost of books, etc. Scholarships and financial aid are available for online students. Please visit WSU Financial Aid for more information.

Question:  When will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

Answer: Application processing may take 8-12 weeks. Applicants should expect to hear the status of their application at the end of that time frame or sooner. If accepted, an MLS student packet will be sent containing all the information and forms required to complete the acceptance process and allow you to register for AAS/BS MLS coursework. 

Question: Can I fax you my transcripts and have you tell me what will transfer and what courses I will still need to complete?

Answer: When you apply to Weber State University, you are required to have an official copy of all previous transcripts sent for evaluation. It can take 8-10 weeks for these transcripts to be evaluated by the University transcripts department. After they are evaluated, we can then advise you as to your standing with general education and departmental credits.

We can look at a copy of your unofficial transcripts prior to applying to the University to give you an idea as to departmental standing ONLY in regards to support courses and program requirements.  The general education courses are extremely difficult if not impossible for the MLS reviewer to determine without having your transcripts formally evaluated by the admissions office. Each student and school will be different and transcripts (if they are faxed) are very difficult to read due to the special paper used. You may fax them to 1-801-626-6125 Attn: MLS Online Department.  Please be sure to include contact information as well as a brief summary of your circumstances (this is very important as the online department talks to many potential students).  Please note that WSU will not accept your transcripts if they are from an institution that is not regionally accredited.

Question: Can I begin taking courses before I've been accepted into the program?

Answer: Yes, although you cannot take AAS/BS MLS courses until you are officially accepted and we receive the required paperwork, you can take general education courses and support courses before acceptance into the program.  You may also take the online orientation class (1 credit hour) prior to program acceptance (MLS 1001 class for the AAS program and MLS 3001 for the BS program).  Every courses required for each degree program is available online through Weber State University. Please review the AAS degree requirements or the BS degree requirementsIf you would like to receive an information packet, please feel free to request one. 

Question: What are the requirements for acceptance into the AAS or BS MLS online programs?

Answer: To be accepted into either program you must be employed or have access to a medical laboratory.  In the past, we have had students who have been sponsored by a medical laboratory in which they were not employed, and this is a possible option; however, we have had much more success in working with students that are already valued employees in a medical laboratory. 

All of the clinical competencies that accompany AAS/BS MLS coursework are performed in your place of employment during the semester you take a particular course.  A statement of support from the laboratory manager must accompany your MLS application. Applicants may download the Statement of Support from our webpage or through the MLS Online Program Application.  Next, your facility and WSU will need to enter into a legal affiliation agreement.

On occasion, you may need to have a medical laboratory that agrees to sponsor you for specific departments that are not present in your place of employment.  For example, if your laboratory does not perform blood bank services, then you will need to arrange for your laboratory competencies to be completed at another laboratory that agrees to sponsor you.

Applicants for the BS program must be certified as MLT(ASCP), MT(AMT), or MT(AAB).  A copy of this certification must be attached to the application.  

Visit our Online BS and Online AAS pages for complete requirements for acceptance to each program.

Question: What if I have not had any prior college classes?

Answer: Because this is an academically challenging program, we ask that you have at least 20 hours of college credit including the successful completion of at least three of the support courses listed below. All of these courses must be completed as part of your degree. These courses must be completed with a "C" or better. These courses are vital to your success in the MLS program, and some are pre-requisites to the MLS courses. The support classes are:

  • CHEM 1110 Elementary Chemistry (Inorganic)   5 credits
  • CHEM 1120 Elementary Organic/Biochemistry   5 credits
  • HTHS 1110 Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I    4 credits
  • HTHS 1111 Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology II    4 credits
  • MICR 1113 General Microbiology   3 credits
  • MICR 3603 Medical Microbiology 3 credits (additional for BS program, not required for AAS program)

WSU also requires that you take placement tests for English and math and complete those classes early in your academic career.

Question: Can an international student apply to your program? 

Answer: Yes, if you meet the application requirements. But this has proved to be very difficult. You must perform your laboratory competencies in a medical laboratory that is accredited by U.S. standards (JCHAO, CAP, COLA, CLIA, etc). As a potential student, you must also have your foreign transcripts evaluated by a Foreign Credential Evaluation service and apply to WSU as an international student.

Question: I received MLT training in the military. Will this affect my program status?

Answer: Military students must be certified as MLT(ASCP), MT(AMT), or MT(AAB). We can grant 32 hours of credit towards MLS requirements for military experience. It typically takes military students longer to complete the program, as they have to fill all of their general education courses as well as support classes.

Question: How does the laboratory portion of your online programs work?

Answer: All of the didactic information for the courses is given in an online classroom.  Laboratory skills are learned, practiced and perfected to the required level of competency in your place of employment while working with a qualified mentor. Your mentor(s) will sign off your skills on the competency checklists during the semester you are registered for a particular class.  As part of the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) accreditation regulations, the student should not work on their clinical competencies as part of their regular work duties. There are no additional clinical rotations to perform once you have passed the course associated with the laboratory competency.

Question: How many clinical hours in my lab are required?


Breakdown of the minimum total required hours for each MLS class:

AAS Program Courses:


Minimum required lab hours over semester

MLS 1113 Introduction to Laboratory Practices


64 hours minimum

MLS 1114 Principles of Hematology & Hemostasis


64 hours minimum

MLS 2211 Principles of Clinical Chemistry I


80 hours minimum

MLS 2213 Principles of Clinical Chemistry II


80 hours minimum

MLS 2212 Principles of Clinical Microbiology I


80 hours minimum

MLS 2214 Principles of Clinical Microbiology II    


80 hours minimum

MLS 2210 Principles of Immunohematology           


80 hours minimum



BS Program Courses:


Minimum required lab hours over semester

MLS 3310 Advanced Immunohematology


64 hours minimum

MLS 3313 Advanced Clinical Hematology and Hemostasis


64 hours minimum

MLS 3316 Advanced Clinical Micro and Molecular Diagnostics


*80 – 120 hours minimum

*Note: if the student is currently working in microbiology, they may complete the laboratory competency in 80 hours. However; if they have not been working in microbiology, they may need to spend a minimum of 120 hours.


At the beginning of each semester, the student, mentor and lab manager should discuss scheduling times for the student to participate in the laboratory routine, based on when they can best fit into the workflow and complete their required tasks. To be able to complete the tasks, the student will need access to laboratory procedure manuals and laboratory instruments from the facility. As part of NAACLS accreditation regulations, the student should not work on their clinical competencies as part of their regular work duties.

Question: My laboratory supervisor is concerned about the laboratory competencies. What information does he/she need to know? 

Answer: The laboratory competencies should be reviewed by your mentor in advance. The CLA course is MLS 1010, AAS courses are at the 1000-2000 level, BS courses are at the 3000-4000 level. 

A mentor is required to train you in the skill required and make sure you achieve the level of competency associated with the skill. All of the didactic material is delivered through the online courses. Performance of these skills is learned on the bench in the student’s place of employment. The mentor does not serve as a clinical instructor but should be available to answer questions, serve as an evaluator, and check-off core laboratory competencies. Facilities reserve the right to assign other qualified clinical personnel to assist with the academic efforts of the student on an as-needed basis. Educational support facilities (in house or public systems) should serve as proctors for online written examinations. The mentor cannot serve as the student’s proctor. Laboratory competencies should not be performed during the students working hours but on the student’s own time.

Question: What courses must I complete before applying to the AAS/BS MLS programs?

Answer: The AAS program has a prerequisite of successful completion of 20 semester hours of college credits which needs to include at least three of the lower division support courses before formal admittance into the program. The MLS department will provide academic advisement and other help during the time you are taking those classes. 

Applicants to the Bachelor's MLS program must have passed the MLT(ASCP), MT(AMT), or MT(AAB) certification. If you have not completed all of the lower-division support courses, you will be asked to complete at least three prior to starting the courses in the bachelor's program. 

Question: Should I complete all of my general education requirements and support courses before starting AAS/BS MLS courses?

Answer: No. In fact, it may take you longer to complete your degree if you take this approach. Most AAS/BS MLS can be taken with an additional general eduaction course.

Question: How long will it take me to complete the AAS or BS program?

Answer: Typically most on-campus students with a full-time course load can complete each program in two years. Online students may take longer than 2 years due to lighter course loads to accommodate work and family responsibilities. The length of the program will depend on courses completed and how many courses are taken per semester. Students are not restricted in the number of classes they take each semester, however, a full course load (12 or more credits) of online classes is not recommended.

Question: What do you look for in an application when deciding whom to accept for your online programs?

Answer: Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Statement of Support (all areas checked for the program you are applying for)
  • Successful completion of English requirements (English 1010 and English 2010)
  • Successful completion of  Math requirements (MLS 2003 or Math 1010 or higher for the AAS program, Math 1030 or higher for the BS program)
  • Successful completion of at least three of the BS support courses or AAS support courses. All support courses will need to be completed to earn degree. 

Question: Will I need to visit the campus for any part of your online program?

Answer: You are not required to visit the campus but are encouraged to attend graduation if you're able.

For inquires about our BS or AAS degrees please contact:

BS degree inquiries:  
Kandi Tait
     Online Program Coordinator    
     (801) 626-6785

AAS degree inquiries:
Christy Achter
     Online Program Coordinator
     (801) 626-6874

Or questions regarding affiliation agreements, please contact one of our Senior Online Program Coordinators: 

     Julie Kakazu
     Senior Online Program Coordinator     
(801) 626-6120

Cindi Kranek
     Senior Online Program Coordinator     
(801) 626-8546