Dixie Students: Application & Selection

Application Process

Application to WSU:

  1. Apply to Weber State University for General Admission. You can fill out an application online. Specify AAS applicant in MLS as your degree choice. If you have prior college credits, you are considered a transfer student. The WSU application fee is $30 in U.S. funds, payable to Weber State University. Do not send cash. You can pay the fee online or call the cashier's office at 1-801-625-8006.
  2. Have all official transcripts sent to WSU admissions office. If you have less than 30 hours of college credits, you must also send you high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores. It takes about 6-8 weeks for transcripts to be evaluated and posted. Please do not delay sending your transcripts.
    •    Send transcripts to:
      Weber State University
      Admissions Office
      1137 University Circle
      Ogden, UT 84408-1137
      Fax: 801-626-6747

  3. You may be required to take the ACCUPLACER Exam. WSU requires these scores to place you in the appropriate math and English courses. You are required to take ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills and ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension only if:
  • You did not submit ACT/SAT scores
  • You have not taken college-level English course equivalent to WSU’s courses
  • You are a non-native English speaker and your ACT is 15 or below
    (ACT/SAT English scores are only valid for two years from the date of the exam.)
  • You are required to take the ACCUPLACER Math exam prior to registration for your first semester if:
  • You did not submit ACT/SAT scores
  • Your ACT Math or comparable SAT score is 22 or below or
  • You have not taken a college-level math course within the last year
    (ACT/SAT math scores are valid for only two years from the date of the exam.)

The ACCUPLACER Math test costs $10 and the ACCUPLACER Reading and Writing tests cost $5 each. Please visit the following website http://www.weber.edu/accuplacer/ and work with WSU’s testing center to make sure you take the correct ACCUPLACER tests. Distance ACCUPLACER requests can be started through this website http://www.weber.edu/Accuplacer/newform.html .
These tests scores will need to be submitted before you are allowed to register for courses through WSU.  

Application to the MLS program at WSU:

After completing your MLS support courses and the two MLS open enrollement courses, you must apply for acceptance into the WSU MLS program by April 1 of each year. Submit completed  application form to:

Chere' Clawson
Taylor Health Science #203
or fax (435) 879-4828 

For your application to be processed, you must send your DSC transcripts to WSU as soon as possible after spring semester is completed.

Your application must be received no later than April 1st.

All MLS applicants are required to:

  1. Meet with a Dixie MLS advisor
  2. Apply to WSU if you are not currently a WSU student. This must be done a minimum of one month prior to your application to the MLS program. An online application to WSU is available and all transcripts of previous college courses must be submitted.
  3. Verify your major. To do this, log into your Weber account and click on the student services tab. In the academic profile box, you will see information regarding your program, major, and department. If you are not listed in the MLS program, please contact the MLS department secretary at 801-626-6118.
  4. Submit your MLS AAS application to the Medical Lab Sciences Office, Room 208, no later than April 1st.
  5. After being accepted into the AAS program you will need to complete a federal background check and drug screen.

Selection Process
Selections are made once each year during the month of June for admission to the program the following fall semester. Your application must be submitted by April 1 to be included in the selection process. Applications are evaluated using the MLS AAS Selection Form which is based on the following criteria:

  • MLS GPA, which includes required MLS AAS and support courses (34 percent)
  • Cumulative college grade point average (16 percent)
  • Faculty assessment of prior student performance (16 percent), including:

Selection Notification
You will receive a letter stating selection results by approximately the first of July.

Weber State University does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital, veteran or disability status.

For more information concerning the WSU MLS program contact:


Kathleen Plewe 
Health Science Advisor  
Dixie State College  
Taylor Health Science #254
Tel: (435) 879-4809
Fax: (435) 879-4828 
Email: kplewe@dixie.edu
Chere' Clawson
Clinical Laboratory Science Coordinator
Dixie State College
Taylor Health Science #203
Tel: (435) 879-4870
Fax: (435) 879-4828
Email: clawson@dixie.edu