Dixie Students: Advising

As a Dixie State College student, if you are interested in the WSU MLS/AAS program, you are are required to meet with a DSC health science advisor. It is to your advantage to receive advisement early in the program curriculum, ideally before or while enrolled in MLS 1113.                                                     

Kathleen Plewe 
Health Science Advisor  
Dixie State College  
Taylor Health Science #254
Tel: (435) 879-4809
Fax: (435) 879-4828 
Email: kplewe@dixie.edu
Chere' Clawson
Clinical Laboratory Science Coordinator
Dixie State College
Taylor Health Science #203
Tel: (435) 879-4870
Fax: (435) 879-4828
Email: clawson@dixie.edu

We recommend that all students meet with an advisor at least once each semester to assess your progress in completing program requirements.