Dixie State College Students: Associate of Applied Science degree from WSU

Welcome Dixie State College Students

We are very excited to offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) from Weber State University (WSU) through a collaboration with DSC. In summary, here is how the collaboration works: As a student, you will enroll and take classes from both institutions. You will take your degree requirements of general education courses and MLS support courses at Dixie. Each of the MLS courses that you will take are divided into two parts:

  1. Didactic (i.e. lecture) section, which you will take online through WSU and 
  2. Laboratory section, which will be offered in the Taylor Health Science Bldg. Room 221 & 222 at DSC.

The first two MLS courses, clinical laboratory practices and hematology, are what are called “open enrollment” courses and are offered in the fall and spring, respectively. During these two semesters of your first year, you will complete the CLS support courses and most of your general education requirements. At the end of the first year, you will apply to the WSU CLS program. Your acceptance into the second year of the program will be based on the following:

  • Overall GPA,
  • GPA of the CLS support courses, and
  • Performance in the two open enrollment MLS courses.

If you are accepted into the AAS program, you will continue into the second and final year where you will complete the rest of your general education requirements., and take MLS courses in clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, and  immumohematology (bloodbank).

At the end of your second year, you will submit your DSC transcripts to WSU. If you have completed the list of required courses, your degree will be granted through WSU. After graduation, you will be eligible to sit for the ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) national certification examination and enter the workforce. The average starting salary for a clinical laboratory technician is $38,000.

If you wish to continue on for a four-year degree, you must apply and be accepted into the Bachelor of Science - Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technology program (MLS/MT),which is offered entirely through WSU.

The AAS & BS programs at WSU have two curriculum tracks available for students depending on their career plans after graduation.

  • Track I is for those who intend to work as medical laboratory scientists. Upon graduation, you will first take a national certification exam that will qualify you to work in hospital or clinic laboratories.  Positions are also available in industrial labs, education, medical sales, medical research, forensics, medical administration, cytology, histology, etc.
  • Track II is for students who are planning to apply to medical, physician assistant, dental, veterinary, or other graduate schools.  In addition to MLS courses, this track also includes pre-professional course requirements that are specific for medical or graduate schools.  For more information, see the Track II suggested course sequence for an AAS and BS in clinical laboratory sciences.

For more information concerning the WSU MLS program contact:

Kathleen Plewe 
Health Science Advisor  
Dixie State College  
Taylor Health Science #254
Tel: (435) 879-4809
Fax: (435) 879-4828 
Email: kplewe@dixie.edu
Chere' Clawson
Clinical Laboratory Science Coordinator
Dixie State College
Taylor Health Science #203
Tel: (435) 879-4870
Fax: (435) 879-4828
Email: clawson@dixie.edu