Non-Degree Course Offering Application Checklist

The instructors of the MLS non-degree courses will not add students to a course after the first week of the  semester.

 To enroll in any of the non-degree MLS courses you need to:


  1. Apply to Weber State University for General Admission (there is a $30 application fee).
  2. During the application process select “Non Degree” for your major.
  3. Once you have been accepted for general admissions you can check the WSU calendar to view the registration dates.
  4. As an out of state student you will pay the reasonable online tuition rate that is comparable to resident in state tuition. To assure that you are billed correctly please call 1-800-848-7770 and choose “Online & Independent Study Student Services” from the phone menu to request being assigned to the “Online Campus” or to verify your current campus assignment.
  5. Textbooks are available to order from the WSU bookstore typically one month prior to the starting of each semester.
  6. After you have registered for a course you will need to set up a proctor or secure testing site for taking your exams.
  7. Go to class! You can access your course on the first day of the semester.


For further information, contact:

Cindi Kranek BS, MLS (ASCP)CM
MLS Online Academic Advisor
Weber State University
Office: 801-626-8456
800-848-7770 ext 8546
Fax: 801-626-6125

E-mail: or