Scheduling Tips

When deciding the number of classes that you will be taking online each semester, it is important to keep in mind that in general, online courses require more of your time than traditional on-campus courses. 

Students familiar with on-campus courses usually take a full course load of 11 to 18 credit hours each semester. For the online student, a full load IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

We recommend that you begin the online MLS program by taking six to eight (6-8) credit hours per semester, especially because you are required to be employed in a clinical laboratory while completing your degree. After a semester or two in the online program, you may feel that you can add additional credit hours to your schedule.

When you are accepted to the MLS online program, you will be sent an Academic Contract that lists the specific general education, support courses and MLS classes that you are required to take (see the online BS Course Requirements page). The list of classes will reflect any transfer credits from other institutions that apply toward the general education and required support courses for your MLS BS degree.

We suggest that you develop a semester-by-semester plan of courses based on the information in your Academic Contract. Pay special attention to the prerequisites that are required for any of the MLS classes. You're encouraged to have your MLS faculty advisor review your semester plan.

Here are several suggestions for getting started:

  • Begin by taking MLS 3301 Online Orientation for BS degree (1) F, S, Su. 
  • Plan to take the TBE 1701 to 1704 classes (1 credit each) early in your program to meet the core general education requirements. Keep in mind that TBE 1703 Spreadsheets is a pre-requisite for MLS 3302. These classes fill up quickly, so register for them as early as possible. 

If the classes have filled by the time you register, you may contact Alden Talbot (department chair and professor of Telecommunication & Business Education) and explain that you are a MLS online student and you would like register for the TBE class that is full.  If you are interested in testing out of any or all of the TBE classes, contact Carole Lapine (administrator for Telecommunication & Business Education) or call 801-626-7384.

  • MICR 3603 Advanced Microbiology for the Health Professional (3 credits, offered F, S, Su) is a prerequisite for MLS 3316 Advanced Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics, which is offered fall and  spring semesters.
  • If you decide to take any of your support or core general education requirements at a local college or university, be sure to check with the appropriate department at WSU to make sure there are no questions about the course(s) transferring to WSU.

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