Admission & Selection

The Medical Laboratory Sciences Online AAS Program offers individuals who are currently employed in a medical laboratory an opportunity to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences within their own clinical setting, utilizing a variety of online instructional approaches. 

To qualify for the online MLT Program, you must have access to the following: 

  • An accredited (JACHO/CAP/COLA/CLIA) laboratory that can provide a multidisciplinary laboratory experience. This is an important aspect of our acceptance criteria, as each MLT course requires clinical hours. Prior to your acceptance to the MLS program, your employer must read and sign a Statement of Support (located within the MLS Online Program Application). Students of the AAS program will need support in each of the following areas of the laboratory:
    • Phlebotomy
    • UA/Serology
    • Hematology
    • Chemistry
    • Microbiology (including plate reading)
    • Blood Bank
  • A computer and the Internet. WSU Online is the program through which you will be provided course material, interaction with the course instructor and fellow students, receive up-to-date event calendars, and submit assignments. Most university computer labs and libraries will allow you to access the Internet if you do not have access at home. The WSU MLS Program utilizes Microsoft Office for all word-processing, spreadsheet and database needs. (If needed, you can purchase Microsoft Office Suite with an academic discount through WSU).

If you are an international student, it has proven difficult to meet the MLS acceptance criteria.  The lab you are employed in must meet U.S. criteria for accreditation and this has been difficult to ascertain with foreign agencies.  Also, educational requirements vary greatly from country to country.  Your prior education must be evaluated by an independent foreign crediting agency before you apply to the MLS program.  For more information from WSU please refer to International Students.


Application Process

It is critical that all parts of your application be completed and all required items submitted. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please follow the instructions from our Application & Checklist page.

Rolling Admission Policy

Rather than application deadlines, we have moved to a rolling admissions policy. Students can apply anytime to our online MLS program. Application processing is approximately 8-12 weeks. Students should plan to apply at least 8-12 weeks prior to the start of the semester they are hoping to start MLS classes.  As a general guideline for semester start dates: Fall begins late August, Spring begins early January, Summer begins early May.

Please note: students do not need to be accepted into the online MLS program to begin taking general education and support courses needed for the AAS/MLT degree.

When an application is received, the student will be notified via email whether their application was complete or incomplete. If incomplete, the missing item(s) will be listed and the student is responsible for completing those items in order for their application to continue being processed. Once the application is complete, it will be sent for review.  An MLS academic advisor will also be assigned at this time.  Students should work with their academic advisor to create an academic plan. 

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance into the Online AAS/MLT Program is based on the following:

  • Acceptance to WSU for general admissions
    • Official transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions, $30 application fee
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.5
  • At least 20 college credit hours completed
  • At least three of the AAS support courses completed. (All will need to be completed in order to earn degree.)
  • Completion of Math and English requirements
  • Completed MLS Online Program Application
  • Signed Statement of Support attached to application with all required sections indicated
    • AAS/MLT: Phlebotomy, UA/Serology, Hematology, Chemistry, Microbiology, and Blood Bank
  • $95 MLS application fee, payable online 
  • Completed Affiliation Agreement between WSU and the supporting clinical site(s).
    • The affiliation agreement will be initiated and completed by the MLS Senior Online Program Coordinators. Affiliation agreements must be completed prior to a student being accepted into the online MLS program.

If a student applies before meeting all acceptance criteria, the application will be reviewed regularly and updated with the student’s progress. The $95 application fee is a one-time fee, and would not need to be paid again if a student applies before meeting acceptance criteria. It can be helpful to apply early and get in contact with an MLS academic advisor.

Selection Notification

Application processing is approximately 8-12 weeks. A student should expect to hear from their MLS academic advisor during this time frame as to the status of their application: Accepted, In-Progress, or Declined.

Once a student has been accepted into the AAS online program, they will be sent a formal letter of acceptance and a packet with program information. The student will be required to:

  • Sign and return acceptance paperwork (these will be included in an acceptance packet)
  • Complete a criminal background check, drug screen, and provide proof of your immunizations (note, if a student has already completed these requirements as part of employment with their laboratory, it is possible that they may not be required to repeat the background check and drug screen)

Weber State University does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital, veteran or disability.