On Campus: Bachelor of Science

The WSU Medical Laboratory Sciences programs are organized into a "ladder" format, with the four-year curriculum divided into two programs, the AAS Program, followed by the BS Program.

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Science Program, also referred to as the Medical Technology Program (MT), you must first complete the  AAS program that comprises the first two years of the program. From there, you will take BS level courses in your third and forth years.

The BS program has two curriculum patterns or tracks:

  • Track I is for those who intend to work as clinical laboratory scientists or who intend to apply to physician assistant or other graduate schools. Upon graduation, you will first take a national certification exam that will qualify you to work in hospital or clinic laboratories. Positions are also available in industrial labs, education, medical sales, medical research, forensics, medical administration, cytology, histology, etc. Average starting salaries for BS graduates in hospital laboratories begin around $52,000.
  • Track II contains pre-professional course requirements. If you are planning to apply to medical, dental, or veterinary schools, this track will prepare you for your continuing education.

Accelerated BS program:

Track I students, who are eligible, have the option to apply to "accelerate" their 3rd and 4th year in the program.  All 3000 and 4000 level MLS classes will be combined into two semesters, rather than being taken over two years (four semesters).

To be eligible to apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a MLS GPA of 3.5 or above.
  2. Complete your AAS degree prior to the accelerated year.
  3. Complete all Gen Ed and support classes for the BS degree prior to starting the accelerated year.
  4. Obtain a passing score on the MLT ASCP certification exam.

 If you are interested, please talk to your MLS advisor.  It is also suggested that you not be working full time.  If you do qualify, when you submit your application for the BS program (due April 1st), you will check the box next to "Accelerated BS degree".  You will be notified in early June if you have been accepted to accelerate or that you will be required to complete your BS degree in two years.