MLS Advisory Board

The following is a list of individuals who serve as the WSU Medical Laboratory Sciences Department Advisory Board, 2013-2014.

David Allen Lab Manager, IHC Park City Medical Center
Lynette Drysdale RRL Coordinator, IHC McKay-Dee Hospital & Ogden Regional Medical Center
Ronni Erickson MLT, IHC Bear River Hospital 
Melanie Gerber Lab Manager, Ogden Clinic
Heather Guillot Lab Manager, IHC Bear River Hospital
Cheryl Howard Blood Bank, Davis Medical Center & Hospital 
Jim McBride Lab Director, Davis Medical Center & Hospital
Annette Poulsen Education Coordinator, IHC McKay-Dee Hospital 
Tyler Rushforth 3rd & 4th Year MLS Student Representative 
Scott Smith Lab Manager, Ogden Regional Medical Center
Nicole Thompson Education Coordinator, IHC Urban Central 
Samantha Wall 2nd Year MLS Student Representative 
Diane Wariner Lab Director, IHC McKay-Dee Hospital
MLS Faculty & Staff


Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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