Submissions Deadlines

Deadline for Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry

January 22nd, 2017 at Midnight

Deadline for Visual Art, Music and Film

January 29th, 2017 at Midnight

Metaphor Interdisciplinary Journal Volume XXXVI Submission Guidelines

Metaphor accepts submissions in the following categories:

  • Poetry
    • Up to 5 submissions accepted 
    • Must be no more than two pages
  • Fiction
    • Must not exceed 4,000 words
    • Vignettes, etc.
    • Flash fiction
    • Short stories
    • Up to 3 submissions accepted 
  • Non-Fiction
    • Critical literature and research
    • Creative non-fiction
    • Memoirs
    • Must be accompanied by a works cited page 
    • Must not exceed 4,000 words 
    • Up to 3 submissions accepted 
  • Music
    • All genres (must be accompanied by a recording)
    • Must be original compositions
    • Must include artist statement 
    • Must not exceed 4.5 mb 
    • Must be in .mp3 format 
    • Unlimited amount of submissions accepted
  • Visual Arts
    • 2D
    • 3D (all entries must be photographed)
    • Must be in .pdf or .jpg format
    • Unlimited amount of submissions accepted 
  • Film
    • Must not exceed 4.5 mb 
    • Must contain NO copywritten material (Unless permission is given) 
    • Unlimited amount of submissions accepted 


Metaphor is now accepting submissions year round. Submissions received must be done at the undergraduate level. Graduate students’ entries will not be accepted. Submissions must be received before the annual deadline to be considered for the 2016-2017 publication.

All works submitted must be original by the author, and not previously published elsewhere. If a student’s work is accepted, Weber State Metaphor reserves first rights to the piece. (Students may submit these pieces elsewhere after Metaphor accepts or rejects them.)

Judging of Pieces

All submissions will be judged as blind entries – the names of the authors will be kept confidential until the preferred pieces are selected. Students will be notified by mail when the final decision has been made. All judging decisions are final.

Submission Guidelines

  • Students may submit to different categories.
  • Written pieces are limited to 4000 words and poetry to no more than two pages each.
  • All submissions must be in 12 point Times New Roman font. Layout of works is left to the author.
  • Foreign language pieces will be accepted if accompanied by English translation.
  • Each piece must be entered individually through the submissions webpage.
  • Contact details must be on the submissions webpage only. Do not include any identifying information on your submission or it will not be accepted.
  • Title of work needs to be listed on every page of the manuscript, with page numbers if necessary.
  • Please include a “Works Cited” page when needed. The format chosen should be noted on the submissions webpage.
  • An electronic copy must be submitted through the submissions webpage at Music should be saved in .mp3 format, Literature should be saved in .doc or .docx format, and Visual Arts submissions should be saved in .pdf or .jpg formats.


The online system can only accept works under 4.5 megabytes. If art, music, dance, theater, or film pieces are larger than this, a CD or DVD-R should be submitted to either the English Department office, or the Metaphor office by 12:00 NOON JANUARY 29th. The disc should include the artist's name, phone number, email address, and the title of the piece. The artist should then go through the online submission system and instead of attaching the piece, attach a note indicating that a disc was submitted. CDs and DVD-Rs will not be returned.

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ENTERED THIS WAY. Submissions not following these guidelines are subject to rejection.

Submission Links

Be aware that the English department professors, secretaries, and staff are NOT responsible for deadlines, editing, or publication of submissions. Metaphor staff is made up of student volunteers, and publication is paid for by student fees.

If you experience issues submitting through the submission page, you may send your submission directly to Please include all information requested on the submission page.

Online Submission Page

Metaphor also encourages students to submit their work to the National Undergraduate Literature Conference (NULC). Students may dual-submit work to both Metaphor and NULC.

NULC Submission Page