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Prerequisite Expiration Table

Check to see if you're in compliance with the department math prerequisite expiration policy to avoid having classes dropped due to prerequisite failure.

REMEMBER - Math credits never expire! Using math courses as prerequisites will though. Keep your skills current.

Example - you want to take MATH 1210 the fall semester of 2014 and you took the prerequisite course (MATH 1080) the fall semester of 2012.  You are in compliance!  If you had taken the course fall semester of 2011 you would then need to take the Accuplacer or contact the department ( or 801-626-6095) for further advisement.
Semester Prerequisite Course Taken Last Semester to take MATH
Summer or Fall 2012 Spring 2015
Spring 2013 Fall 2015
Summer or Fall 2013 Spring 2016
Spring 2014 Fall 2016
Summer or Fall 2014 Spring 2017
Spring 2015 Fall 2017
Summer or Fall 2015 Spring 2018
Spring 2016 Fall 2018
Summer or Fall 2016 Spring 2019