Mathematics at Weber State University

From data mining to forensics, mathematics is the language of choice for an increasing number of disciplines. The scientist, the engineer, the actuary, the financial planner -- all use algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics. But also the voter needs to understand these concepts too, perhaps at a less advanced level, to reach informed decisions about issues ranging from utility rates and retirement saving to information security and global warming.

What will I learn in the program?

Mathematics is a logical inquiry into shape, arrangement, quantity and other related concepts, so the study of the subject is broad and limitless.You will learn mathematical theory, logical thinking, applications and proofs.Problem solving, analysis and computational strategies are emphasized, along with computer and communication skills. Proper attention will be given so you will learn what you need to further your plans, whether they be graduate school, work in industry or teaching.

Why choose Math at WSU?

  • Small class sizes

  • Accessible professors

  • Individual attention

  • Broad range of research interests of WSU mathematics faculty

Why major in Math at WSU?

  • Students majoring in mathematics receive substantially higher-than-average scores on standardized tests such as LSAT and GMAT.
  • Mathematics ranks near the top among college majors in terms of average starting salary after college.

  • Mathematicians and actuaries rank near the top in studies of job satisfaction.

  • A wide variety of fields utilizing mathematics (see Business, finance, actuarial science, computer science, cryptography, biotechnology, teaching and more.

  • Analytical thinking is prized by many employers.


  Math Placement and FAQs

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