Careers in Mathematics

All industries need those who can use the power of math and probability theory to answer questions & solve problems that can directly affect our world the people within it. 

Science Graduates are in Demand

Every year, the demand for science graduates continues to grow. Dozens of industries are experiencing rapid growth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related jobs. These jobs are being created much faster than they can be filled. From the president’s State of the Union address to the latest article from industry blogs, everyone is trying to figure out how to fill the need for these highly skilled jobs.

Mathematics Jobs are in Many Industries

Statisticians use the power of math and probability theory to answer questions that affect the lives of millions of people. They tell educators which teaching method works best, tell policy-makers what levels of pesticides are acceptable in fresh fruit, tell doctors which treatment works best, tell builders which type of paint is the most durable. They are employed in virtually every type of industry imaginable, from engineering, manufacturing, and medicine to animal science, food production, transportation, and education.

Applied mathematicians use theories and techniques, such as mathematical modeling, to solve practical problems. For example, they may analyze the effectiveness of new drugs or the aerodynamic characteristics of new automobiles.  

Theoretical mathematicians identify unexplained issues and seek to resolve them. Although they often strive to increase basic knowledge without considering its practical use, the knowledge they develop has been an important part of many scientific and engineering achievements.


Mathematician Salaries



The median annual wage of mathematicians was $99,380 in 2010. That works out to be $47.78 per hour. Check out the occupational handbook for more information on the job outlook for mathematicians.

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