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Welcome to the Emerging Leader Program for the 2013-2014 school year at Weber State University. This program is dedicated towards finding the fundamental aspects of becoming a greater, stronger, and well balanced leader throughout your community, your workplace, your education, and overall your life. Our mission is to motivate and inspire you by challenging your talents and strengths within everyday settings. It is our honor to welcome you, train you, mentor you, and befriend you into the greatest leaders at Weber State. Dedicate yourself today by engaging yourself into the greatest experience that WSU has to offer; the Emerging Leadership Program. We have "emerged," now it is your turn!


Name: David Robles


My name is David Robles and I am the Head Emerging Leader mentor for this year. I would first like to welcome you to such an amazing program that WSU has to offer. I have been a mentor for three years and have loved every minute of it. I honestly can't wait to meet another group of remarkable leaders and I am happy to call all of you my friends very soon. It is a thrill to partake in each and everyone of your lives towards developing the skills and fundamentals to fulfill your leadership journey. Above all else, I cannot wait to see you all grow this year. Until then, take care and keep LEADING!



Name: Bahar Alimadadi


My name is Bahar and I am going to be an Emerging Leader mentor for this year. I love to do anything that is fun and I love to do it with anyone who is fun! I have an overload of hobbies, but my favorite is dancing! I am ready to dance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was born and raised in Ogden, Utah, but my parents are from Iran. My favorite color is purple (of course) and I have always loved WSU ever since I was a tot. I was an Emerging Leader just like you two years ago and it had a huge leadership impact on me, and that is why I am here.

Meet you soon!
-Bahar Alimadadi


Name: Natasha Pruhs

Hey Wildcats!,

My name is Natasha Pruhs and I am thrilled to be an Emerging Leader Mentor this year! I have attended WSU for one year and have had an incredible time being involved within WSUSA as an Emerging Leader. I am extremely excited to work with you all and I know that we will have wonderful experiences all throughout the year!

-Natasha Pruhs

Name: Bryson Bohman:

My name is Bryson Bohman and I was born and raised in the rad city of Ogden Utah. I am interested in just about anything; Sports, education, languages, traveling the world, family, my beliefs, and trying to make this world a better and more fun place for everyone. I want to have fun in everything that I do, and be passionate about it every day. Life has a purpose to it, and its our responsibility and honor to find out what that purpose is and work everyday to fulfill our purpose and our dreams. Welcome to the Emerging Leadership Program at WSU. I am excited to serve as your mentor this year!

-Bryson Bohman

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