Meet Mentors

This program is dedicated towards finding the fundamental aspects of becoming a greater, stronger, and well balanced leader throughout your community, your workplace, your education, and overall your life. Our mission is to motivate and inspire you by challenging your talents and strengths within everyday settings. It is our honor to welcome you, train you, mentor you, and befriend you into the greatest leaders at Weber State. Dedicate yourself today by engaging yourself into the greatest experience that WSU has to offer; the Emerging Leadership Program. We have "emerged," now it is your turn!



Natasha Pruhs

Hello Wildcats!
My name is Natasha Pruhs and I am the director of Emerging Leaders this year! I have been involved in WSUSA for 3 years and have been an Emerging Leader mentor for 2 of those years. This will be my 4th year in school and I am going into dental hygiene and working towards a minor in art. I enjoy hiking, listening to and creating music, Disneyland, dancing, and singing. The mountains are my backyard, Ben Howard is my favorite singer, and I like pretending I’m a Disney Princess. I am looking forward to an amazing year in Emerging Leaders! Get ready for incredible leadership experiences!
-- Natasha Pruhs

Andres RamosAndres Ramos

Hey Guys! So I am Andres, I am a senior here at the greatest university in Utah. I will be graduating at the end of this school year with degrees in Professional Sales and Spanish-Commercial Emphasis. This will be my second year in WSUSA, I was on the LEAD team last year and had a blast. A little about me, I love doing anything active. I’ve played sports my whole life and love to be out competing. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and I trail run. I am excited to be a mentor this coming year and share my love for Weber State and all it has to offer. I hope if there is one thing I can share with the Emerging Leaders, it’s that I am kind of a big deal. Peace!
-- Andres Ramos

Mackenzie StokesMackenzie Stokes

Hello! My name is Mackenzie Stokes (but I prefer Kenzie), and I am so excited to be an Emerging Leader Mentor this year! I am a sophomore here at Weber State, and I am majoring in social work and minoring in women and gender studies. I like to read and would rather watch a good documentary over a movie any day! Parks and Recreation is my favorite show and Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. I love traveling and volunteering, and that is why I’m saving up to go on a volunteer trip to India next summer! I love to learn and I know that you guys are going to teach me so much this year! I am so happy to be your mentor, and I can’t wait for all the fun we are going to have!
-- Mackenzie Stokes

Andrew GloverAndrew Glover

What's up Emergies! It's your boy Andrew. I'll save you the trouble of Facebook stalking me by telling a little about myself here. I served an LDS mission in Concepcion, Chile and I'm pursuing my bachelors in business administration with an art minor. I'm very artistic and excel in stone carving and 3D art. I am an Emerging Leader graduate myself and I've also served as a Wildcat Trainer prior to becoming an Emerging Leader Mentor. I love shoes, running, and I speak fluent sarcasm! If you have anymore questions hit me up!
--Andrew Glover