Meet Mentors

This program is dedicated towards finding the fundamental aspects of becoming a greater, stronger, and well balanced leader throughout your community, your workplace, your education, and overall your life. Our mission is to motivate and inspire you by challenging your talents and strengths within everyday settings. It is our honor to welcome you, train you, mentor you, and befriend you into the greatest leaders at Weber State. Dedicate yourself today by engaging yourself into the greatest experience that WSU has to offer; the Emerging Leadership Program. We have "emerged," now it is your turn!



Mackenzie StokesMackenzie Stokes

Hello, my name is Mackenzie (but please, call me Kenzie) and I will be the Emerging Leader Director for the 2016-17 year! I am a junior majoring in Social Work and minoring in Women and Gender Studies, and I love Weber State! I love to travel and volunteer, and this is why I am going on a two week service trip this July to Portugal! Other things that I enjoy include reading, dogs, dinosaurs, Parks and Rec, and Chris Pratt. I was an Emerging Leader two years ago and a mentor last year, so I know that this program changes lives! I promise you that you will love your time in this program, and together we will make this year a great one!
-- Mackenzie Stokes

Lauren WilkoLauren Wilko

Hey everyone! Lauren here! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be an Emerging Leader Mentor this year! I got involved with WSUSA a few years ago as an Emerging Leader myself, took a short break to go on an LDS mission to Philadelphia, and now I’m back, ready to have another amazing year in the Emerging Leader’s program! I am a junior this year, studying Political Science with aspirations to go on to law school in the future. I love doing service, and am involved in several non-profit organizations, all of which mean a great deal to me. In my spare time, you would likely find me singing my heart out, sitting at the piano, or both! This year is going to be the BEST. I can’t wait to meet all of you and I can’t wait to be your mentor!
-- Lauren Wilko

Andrew GloverAndrew Glover

What’s up Emergies! The name’s Andrew and I’ll save you the trouble of Facebook stalking me. I served an LDS mission in Concepcion, Chile and am pursuing my bachelors in Business Administration with an Art minor. I’m very artistic and excel in stone carving and 3D art. I am an Emerging Leader graduate myself, and I also served as a Wildcat Trainer on the Leadership team and an Emerging Leader mentor prior to this year. I love to Netflix and chill, comics and chill, and working out and chilling after. If you have any questions, hit me up!
-- Andrew Glover

Jesus GarciaJesus Garcia

What up peeps? My name is Jesus (Hey-Soos, Heh-Soos, or Jeezus) and I will be your mentor this year! I'll let you know a little about myself. I'm a junior here at Weber where I'm majoring in social work with a minor in political science so I can become a college access advisor and help underrepresented populations get into college. I've been involved with WSUSA thi past year as an Emerging Leader and an Event Program Coordinator for the Davis Programming Board, and I've absolutely loved it! I'm a natural couch potato, but I love trying new things! For example, I will be spending my summer interning for Senator Hatch's office in Washington, D.C. I'm so excited and can't wait to see where this year takes us!
--Jesus Garcia