Quotes From Previous Emerging Leaders

“Being part of the Emerging Leaders has been an incredible gateway into understanding and experiencing what collegiate leadership is all about. I've gained priceless knowledge about who I am and have discovered my leadership talents and it has been a blast working on them! I've developed friendships here that I hope will last forever. There's been no greater feeling than to give up myself to serve and improve the experience of my fellow students here at Weber State. The Emerging Leaders program has been a great asset to my life and has helped my college experience to be something I'll never forget!”

- Aaron Burgeon (Emerging Leader 2008-2009, Emerging Leader Mentor 2011-2013)


“The Emerging Leaders program is one of the best ground breaking programs to be a part of. It gives you the opportunity to grow in leadership in various aspects. From planning large activities to small group functions, being a leader and a follower in a team, and learning to recognize particular strengths the you and others have, it offers the chance to develop your leadership skills further. I have been able to expand my circle of friends and university involvement and continue still to grow here at Weber State University because of what I was able to learn in the Emerging Leaders Program.”

- Kelsey Spaulding (Emerging Leader 2009-2010, Student Senator 2011-2013)

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