WSU Department of Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department is committed to providing a professional, in-depth, and responsive appraisal service. Although audits are based on the past and present, the main focus of an audit is improving procedures and practices in the future.

Internal Audit is a department within the University empowered to provide the following services to the University community:

  • Financial, operational and compliance audits
  • Special reviews and investigations
  • Advice on specific control issues as requested
  • Internal Control Training
  • Management Consultant Services

The Internal Audit department is an integral part of the managerial process, providing impartial evaluations of campus activities in order to assist the University Community in obtaining its goals. The Internal Audit Department reports directly to the President and the Board of Trustees to ensure maximum independence of the auditors (Organizational Chart).

Weber State University has selected EthicsPoint to provide individuals with the ability to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve criminal, unethical, or inappropriate behavior.  Reports can be made via the phone or internet.     

To file a complaint: