About Us

The philosophy of the interior design program at Weber State University embraces the passion of the design profession and seeks to encourage students to develop their sense of aesthetic discernment and creative spirit to contribute to society through a broad knowlege base of interior design concepts. The program seeks to promote life-long learning and personal growth opportunities to promote students and the design profession they serve.

The program seeks to prepare graduates to enter various avenues of a design-build network of professions with a firm knowledge of professional standards, design theory, design process, technical skills, and the art of professional selling through:
  • Curriculum that promotes the advancement of skills necessary to enter the practice of the Interior Design profession using critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • Promotion of sustainable and universal design standards.
  • Development of an understanding of global awareness and diversity.
  • Recognition of the impact of interior design on all individuals regardless of socioeconomic background or situation.
  • Encouraging students to develop aesthetic discernment while acknowledging the importance of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public they serve.



Interior Design Program
WSU Davis Campus
Building D3, Suite 332
Layton, Utah

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Interior Design Program
WSU Davis Campus D3
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