WSU Interior Design Student Chapter

The WSU Interior Design Student Chapter 

The WSU Interior Design Student Chapter is comprised of all design majors --- freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior levels. The first Thursday of each month, a chapter meeting is held in Design Seminar to keep design majors abreast of activities, events, service opportunities and networking meetings. 

Student representatives for the program and professional design associations provide information and membership activity details. Activities include but are not limited to:  IIDA Stocking Event, Boys and Girls Club Scarecrow Event, IIDA Wine Down Wednesdays, NKBA Chapter meetings.

WSU Interior Design Departmental Honors students are required to join. All interior design majors are strongly
encouraged to join. Membership provides chapter opening and closing socials as well as various activities throughout the semester.

Chapter membership drives are held at the beginning of each semester.

2014-2015 WSU Interior Design Student Chapter Representatives:

WSU Chapter President:    Lelana Wilson
WSU Chapter Events Coordinator:   Nina Tran
WSU Chapter Secretary:  
WSU Chapter Advertising Coordinator:  Aarika Rasekhi

IIDA Student Representative:  Ashley Badali 
ASID Student Representative:  Aarika Rasekhi
NKBA Student Representative:  Ashley Larson 
IDEAL Student Representative:  Candice Bussdeiker 
Student Chapter Committee Support:  Ashley Jordan

2014-2015 Chapter-sponsored events:

September --- Chapter membership drive, September 15-30
October --- Boys and Girls Club Scarecrow event, Oct. 24
November ---- IIDA Stocking Event
January --- Chapter membership drive, Jan. 15-30