Interior Design
College of Applied Science & Technology

Study Abroad 2011 - Italy, Greece and Turkey


  • "This trip really opened my eyes to how design can make you feel. I don’t think I fully realized how strong that influence could be before this trip."
  • "Seeing these buildings in real life has opened my eyes and inspired me to do better work."
  • "I have learned how much easier it is to understand the beauty design and architecture when experiencing it in real life and not just in a textbook."
  • "Everything about this trip was life changing!"
  • "My view of cultures and different ways if interest I have in the history of other cultures has grown. Every day I had a moment where I thought “I need to read more about this when I get home.” I am so impressed with the influence that the past has on us that I never realized before. I will always have a different perception of the world."


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