Hybrid Classes: The Perfect Combination of Clicks and Class

Hybrid Accelerated courses are courses that combine the benefits of classroom instruction with the convenience of online courses. With WSU Hybrid Accelerated courses, you complete courses twice as fast with half the time in class. It’s a great way to complete your general education requirements!

  • Complete each class in just seven weeks.
  • Meet one night per week, per class
  • Attend full-time with just two classes per 7-week block
  • Qualify for full-time financial aid or full-time scholarships
  • Save time and gas with less commuting.
  • Complete coursework online when it’s most convenient for you.

Twice as fast

With WSU hybrids, you complete courses twice as fast with half the time in class. It’s a great way to cruise through your general education requirements.

What Courses Are Available?

First Block: May 11 – June 26, 2015

Course Day of Week Time Campus
BSAD 3330 (CRN 11710) W 1:30 -4:30PM Ogden Campus
BSAD 3330 (CRN 11711) W 5:30 -8:30PM Ogden Campus
CHF 1500 (12326) TR 7:30 -10:10AM Ogden Campus
GEOG 1000 (CRN 11608) MWF 9:30 -11:20AM Ogden Campus
MED 6317 (CRN 11514) W 4:30 -7:10PM Ogden Campus
MED 6380 (CRN 11516) R 4:30 -7:10PM Ogden Campus
PEP 4990 (CRN 12125) W 7:30 -8:20AM Ogden Campus
PSY 3100 (CRN 11196) T 5:30 -8:10PM Ogden Campus
NUTR 6320 (CRN 30694) TR 1:30 -3:00PM Ogden Campus
SPAN 1010 (CRN 12254) MW 10:30 -12:20AM Ogden Campus

Second Block: June 29 – Aug 14, 2015

Course Day of Week Time Campus
COMM 3060 (CRN 10331) T 9:30 -12:10PM Ogden Campus
EDUC 1010 (CRN 11389) TR 11:30 -2:10PM Ogden Campus
ENGL 2010 (CRN 11108) TR 10:30 -1:10PM Ogden Campus
HLTH 1030 (CRN 12336) MWF 10:30 -11:20AM Ogden Campus
MED 6050 (CRN 11517) MWF 8:30 -11:10AM Ogden Campus
MED 6110 (CRN 11518) TRF 8:30 -11:10AM Ogden Campus
MED 6265 (CRN 11519) MWFS 11:30 -2:10PM Ogden Campus
PSY 1010  (CRN 11843) T 5:30 -8:10PM Ogden Campus

How Do I Register?

The registration process for Hybrid courses is the same as other semester courses. You can register for hybrid courses any time before the course starts. No need to wait until the next semester to sign up for an upcoming block!

What Students Say

"I like that I get to take night and online classes!"