Special Bulletin Request Form

Mission: Special Bulletins are used to distribute by email urgent news and information about upcoming emergencies and contingencies, on and off campus, to the Weber State University community. All bulletins must be sponsored by a member of the Executive Staff of the university and the sponsor is responsible for the bulletin's content, spelling, and grammar.

Submissions: Special Bulletin submissions should be submitted or authorized by a member of the executive staff of Weber State University. If a division or department head is submitting the bulletin, it must be approved by a member of the executive staff prior to submission. Please do NOT enter the fields in ALL upper case.

All submissions must be:

  • Unforeseen (known for less than 24 hours)
  • Of an urgent nature (something that could cause loss or injury to property or computer data)

Example: An unforeseen power or network outage (not a planned disruption)

Posting: Special Bulletins can currently be targeted to the following groups: Faculty, Exempt Staff, Adjunct Faculty, Non-exempt Staff, Current Students, Hourly Students, Non-Student Hourlys. If there are other groups you wish to contact, please email the IT Communication, Event and Training Coordinator (tynaylor@weber.edu) to discuss this possibility.
This form is for submission of Special Bulletins only
If you are not a WSU Executive Staff, Division, or Department Head, you are on the wrong form!


Please do NOT use ALL UPPER case when filling out this form.


WSU EXECUTIVE STAFF – Name and phone number of the executive staff member who authorized and is responsible for this Special Bulletin
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Sponsoring WSU Department or Division:   (Please keep the sponsor's Department/Division name under 40 characters)


Your Full Name:    (This is the name that will appear in the Author section of the Special Bulletin heading)


Your full WSU Employee Email Address:    (Use only lower case format: jdoe@weber.edu)
(This address will appear in the
Reply To section of the Special Bulletin heading)


Your Phone Number:    (Format input this way only (###) ###–#### e.g. (801) 626-6000)


Suggested Subject Line:    (Please keep Subject line under 40 characters)


Audience:    (Please specify which audiences you want this message to go to –
e.g. Faculty, Exempt Staff, Adjunct Faculty, Current Students, etc.)


Please include the details for the Special Bulletin you wish to communicate to the campus: 


Jennifer Philion with University Communications (626-6347 or jphilion@weber.edu) or the University Communications Office (626-7359)
to provide notification that a SPECIAL BULLETIN
has been submitted for immediate action.