Steps to Complete Your Internship

Follow these steps to complete your internship.

Prior to the semester in which you plan to conduct your internship:

  1. Begin looking at possible internship sites. Talk with other students; talk with Health Promotion professors; and most importantly, look through the list of sites on this website to find out about some of the internships that are available.
  2. If you are struggling with where to complete an internship even after reviewing the list of potential sites, contact Heather Hunter, the Internship Coordinator, for assistance (  While she will not assign you to a site, she may be able to provide you with some guidance, based on your areas of interest.
  3. Contact the supervisor(s) of the internship(s) that appeal(s) to you and find out if they are offering internships during the next semester.
  4. Make arrangements with the supervisor to meet to discuss the internship and confirm its availability.  Take the Internship Contract with you to this meeting.
  5. With your site supervisor, complete the Internship Contract.  On Form B, be sure to clarify your objectives in terms of the Responsibilities and Competencies for Health Education Specialists.  Be specific.  More information on those responsibilities/competencies can be found here:
  6. Bring the completed forms to Ms. Hunter, so that she can review and sign them as Internship Coordinator.  She will then issue you a permit to register for HLTH 4860.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are welcome to establish a connection with a new site (one at which a WSU health promotion student has not interned), but please be aware that this may require more time.  New sites will occasionally require the establishment of a contract of agreement between the site and Weber State University, and it is not uncommon for this process to take more than a month.

During the semester in which you are completing your internship (and enrolled in HLTH 4860 credit):
  1. Once the internship semester begins, start working at your internship site. For each academic credit hour, plan to spend 60 hours working at your internship site. In Health Promotion, the requirement is that you complete 3 credit hours of HLTH 4860. This means that you will need to complete a total of 180 hours working at your site. During a 15-week semester, you can accomplish this by working 12 hours per week.  Internship hours should be completed by the last day of the semester in which you are receiving HLTH 4860 credit.
  2. In addition to the time working at your internship site, make sure to complete the assignments associated with HLTH 4860 credit (in Canvas).  These assignments consist of progress reports, self-evaluations, and site supervisor evaluations. 

Please also be aware that Heather Hunter will be visiting you, at your site, at some point during the middle of the semester. During this visit, she will expect to have time to speak with you and your site supervisor, and, to have you show her some of the activities on which you have been making progress. If you are engaged at an internship site that is some distance away, and Heather is not able to visit with you in person, she will arrange a phone call to touch base with you and your site supervisor.