Health Promotion Internships

Health Promotion professionals work to promote health and prevent disease by positively influencing the outcomes of individuals and communities.  Weber State University Health Promotion students have the potential to leave the university competent and capable of having a fulfilling and successful career in the field. Health Promotion students can and should leave this university with the knowledge and capabilities to make a significant difference in a variety of professional health settings.

Over the course of the Health Promotion program, students receive knowledge through in-class instruction. In order to help our students gain the necessary skills needed to work in the field of Health Promotion, we require students to obtain hands-on experience in a professional health promotion setting through the internship process.

Internship Qualifications:

In order to register for HLTH 4860 – Field Experience (the mechanism by which students get credit for their Health Promotion internship), students must:

1.  Be a Health Promotion (HP) major,

2.  Have junior standing with a 2.5 GPA or higher,

3.  Have already completed the Health Promotion required core courses, or their equivalents:      HLTH 3000, HLTH 3200, HLTH 4013, HLTH 4150, HAS 3000, HAS 3150, NUTR 3420, HAS 3230, and HIM 3200, AND, 

4.  Have a completed and signed (by your site supervisor) Internship Contract.

**NOTE:  Some internship sites require a background check and/or drug testing.  If you have a criminal history that may show up in a background check, please contact Heather Hunter, the Internship Coordinator, to discuss internship placement options.

HLTH 4860 - Field Experience:

All Health Promotion majors need to take a minimum of 3 credits of HLTH 4860 - Field Experience. 

Students can take up to 6 credits of this course, and it can be repeated.  If a student chooses to take more than 3 credits of HLTH 4860, those additional credits may be able to count as elective credits. Though it is not recommended, not all credits have to be completed in the same semester.  For example, a student could take 1 credit in the fall at one internship site and then retake the course in spring for 2 credits at a different internship site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A health promotion internship must involve responsibilities that directly relate to the field of health promotion and should reflect the Responsibilities and Competencies of a Health Education Specialist.  More information on this can be found at  Health Promotion students will NOT receive HLTH 4860 credit for simply observing or shadowing practitioners or providers, nor will students receive credit retroactively for prior experience.

Registering for HLTH

If you would like to take HLTH 4860, please follow the steps below:

1.  Determine how many credits you are going to take that semester. Students must complete 60 internship hours for each credit hour.  

Please also check with the department academic advisor, Sherrie Jensen (, to be sure that you will have enough upper division hours to graduate (40 minimum).

2. Follow the Internship Steps link on the right side of this page.

3.  Locate a site to do your internship. A list of internship opportunities can be found by clicking the Internship Opportunities link on the right side of this page.

4.  Download the Internship Contract located on the right side of this page.

5.  Print the Internship Contract.  These forms constitute your internship contract.  Follow the instructions in the Internship Steps for completing the contract with the person at your internship site who will supervise you.  Detailed information on internship assignments will be provided via Canvas once you are registered for the course.

6.  With your site supervisor, complete the Internship Contract.  

Once you and your supervisor complete and sign the contract, submit the paperwork to the Internship Coordinator, Heather Hunter ( 

5.  After you have submitted your contract, Ms. Hunter will submit an override to allow you to register for the credit.


Example of Final Video Presentation of student internships