Why Study Health Promotion?

Health Promotion is an approach to health and wellness that focuses on improving peoples' health status and quality of life through positive lifestyle habits and the regular use of healthy behaviors. 

The Health Promotion program teaches skills and provides training to prepare students to direct, create, and evaluate health education programs that promote wellness and prevent disease. It also provides an excellent foundation in preparation for graduate school, employment and your personal life.

Health Promotion graduates provide expertise in positive behavior change & healthy lifestyles and promote health & wellness programs in community, corporate, clinical, non-profit, and educational settings. Specific job activities include health screening and assessment; health program planning and evaluation; and working with individuals and groups on such health-related topics as stress management, nutrition, exercise & weight control, drugs & alcohol education, smoking cessation, first aid, high-level wellness, and disease prevention.

This video gives some insights about the Health Promotion profession:

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