Pharmacy Savings for Students

What over the counter products are available at the pharmacy and how much will it cost?

Many medications are available for $4 OR LESS! Please see our sample list. We are continuously trying to bring the students of WSU the best value, so the available items are subject to change without notice based upon our costs. Check back frequently as more over-the-counter products are regularly added.

What is an example of affordable pricing at the pharmacy?

Affordable pricing examples include: many antibiotic therapies running as low as $4 to $6 and birth control pills from $12 to $18 a month.

What does the pharmacy carry?

The pharmacy carries commonly prescribed medications including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, birth control, a few antidepressants, heartburn medications and various over-the-counter products. If the pharmacy does not carry a medication that you need, you may inquire about a special order. In most cases, a special order can be received the following business day.

How much will it cost?

We try to keep the cost of prescriptions as low as possible. Currently, we do not bill any insurance companies but keep the charge close to our cost. Sometimes our prescription prices may be lower than your co-pays. Ask the pharmacist how much your prescription will cost.

How can I get my medications filled?

Prescriptions may be written at the Student Health Center or you may bring an outside prescription to the Student Health Center Pharmacy. At your request, the pharmacy may also transfer in active prescriptions from other pharmacies.