Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCOP?

HCOP stands for Health Careers Opportunity Program. It is a federally funded program based in Weber State University’s Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions. Its goal is to build diversity in the health professions by helping students from a variety of backgrounds prepare for college and eventually a career in medicine or health.

How many students are accepted?

The program, which lasts throughout the school year, can accept up to 300 students.

In addition, there is a competitive summer program. Only 30 students who are already enrolled in HCOP are accepted into the summer program.

What is the difference between the program that takes place during the school year and the summer program?

Students enrolled in HCOP during the school year do not have to attend classes at WSU. Presentations, workshops and field trips are coordinated through the high schools.

The six-week summer program is competitive, meaning students have to fill out a separate, more-detailed application, complete with essay questions. Students are scored on a point system and are then notified of their acceptance. Students must have already been accepted into the HCOP school-year program to apply for the summer program.

Students in the summer program attend classes at WSU, Monday through Friday, for six weeks. Students are paid a daily stipend to attend class.

If I am accepted to the summer program, can I still go on vacation or miss any days?

You can miss up to three days without jeopardizing your standing in the program. If you miss more than three days, you may be removed from the program for poor attendance. You will not receive your stipend for missed days. There are also situations where your stipend may be adjusted for tardiness, missed time for doctor appointments, etc. If you are accepted to the program these rules will be reviewed in detail. 

Who is eligible?

High school students in the following schools are eligible for HCOP programs.
  • Ben Lomond High School
  • Bonneville High School
  • Ogden High School
  • Roy High School  
To be eligible for the summer program, students should have already applied for and been accepted into the HCOP program that runs throughout the school year. Students must fill out a separate application for the summer program.

How do I apply for HCOP?

Applying is simple.

Fill out the online registration located on the left tab under "Apply for HCOP".

You may also contact the HCOP office at 801-626-8126 for more information. 


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