Geoscience Field Trips & Events

Planned Annually:

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Mid April: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Field Trip
A 3-day trip looking at Mesozoic terrestrial, coastal and marine deposits including a full day examining the Cretaceous Ferron Delta. Led by Dr. Eaton and Dr. Ford with the help of Paul Anderson (Ferron Delta).

Early May: Post-Semester Field Trip
A 3-day field trip to the Uintas to examine Neoproterozic sediments, down through the Uinta Basin to examine a Laramide basin, into the San Rafael Swell to examine a Nevadan/Sevier foreland basin, and across the Wasatch Mountains to look a mid-Cenozoic volcanism. Led by Dr. Eaton.

Mid May: GSA Rocky Mountain Section Meeting & Road Trip
This trip is for GEO majors, whose abstracts have been accepted by GSA for their May meeting. This is a 4-day road trip to Gunnison, CO, led by Dr. Ford


In The Past:

Geosciences students & majors have ongoing opportunities to participate in exciting, sometimes life-changing trips. Here's where we've been in the recent past (watch for more to be added soon.)

Geology focused trip to Iceland that emphasizes field observations related to plate tectonics, especially divergent plate boundaries and hot spots. 

Field stops include a variety of volcanic activities and processes. Field activities also include geothermal energy, glaciers, and hydrologic processes. 

The planned trip will include the following locations: Reykjavik, Grindavik bridge over the divergent plate boundary rift, Blue Lagoon, Snaefellsjoklull Volcano and basaltic cliffs, Myvatn,  Godaffoss, Kafla geothermal powerplant, Dettifoss waterfalls, Landmanalaugar, the Rainbow Mountains, lava fields, obsidians, and Hekla Volcano. 

The first Iceland trip took place in 2010 and is anticipated to be offered approximately every 3 years after 2013.


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