Dr. James R. Wilson

Teaching Areas & Focus:

Earth Materials, Hydrology, Map Interpretation, Physical Geology, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

My primary teaching areas are mineralogy, introductory petrology (rocks), physical geology, and earthquakes and volcanoes. 

I have also taught water resources and geomorphology when needed.

Research Areas & Interests:

Sulfide/Sulfosalt Mineralogy, Mineralogy of Utah, Computer-Aided Instruction

I have published in the areas of hydrology and geomorphology.  

I work with the X-ray diffractometer to identify minerals and have discovered and named two new thallium mineral species from the Barrick Mercur Gold Mine, gillulyite and fangite.  

I am also co-author of several sections of the NAGT physical geology lab manual.

Classes Taught:

Geo 1030 – Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Geo 1110 – The Dynamic Earth:  Physical Geology

Geo 1115 – Physical Geology Laboratory

Geo 2050 – Earth Materials


Ph.D.: University of Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah

Academic Rank:  Professor of Geosciences

Administrative Assignment: 
Academic Advisor for the Applied Environmental Geosciences major

Office: SL 206M

Office Hours:
Summer 2013 by appointment

Department of Geosciences
3772 N. Campus Dr., Dept. 2507
Weber State University
Ogden, UT 84408-2507

Phone: 801-626-6208

Fax: 801-626-7445

E-mail: jwilson@weber.edu