Dr. Julie Rich, Associate Professor


Julie Rich earned her Ph.D. in Geography at St. John's College, University of Oxford, Oxford, England in 2003, her M.S. in Geography from University of Utah, and her B.S. in Geography (Cum Laude) from Weber State College.

Dr. Rich places much emphasis on teaching and fieldwork in order to help her students gain a better understanding and appreciation for the dynamic planet on which we live.

Current research interests include arid environments and environmental change with research concentrating on Quaternary paleoclimates, paleoenvironments and geochronology using optical (luminescence) dating methods.

Office: SS 384

Phone: (801) 626-6209

Email: jrich@weber.edu

Courses Taught at Weber State University

GEOG PS 1000 Natural Environments of the Earth

GEOG 3050 Weather and Climate

GEOG 3080 Arid Lands

GEOG 3450 Cartography

GEOG 3500 Geography of Utah

GEOG 4950 Advanced Regional Field Studies

GEOG 4990 Senior Research Seminar

Selected Publications

Rich, J., Stokes, S., Wood, W., Bailey, R., 2003, Optical dating of tufa via in-situ aeolian sand grains: a case example from the Southern High Plains, USA. , Quaternary Science Reviews, 2003, Vol. 22:1145-1152.

Rich, J., 2003, South Arm Circulation of the Great Salt Lake. In Gwynn, J.W. (ed.), Physical, Chemical and Economic Aspects of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, Utah Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources Special Publication, 584 pgs.

Wood, W., Stokes, S., and Rich, J., 2002, Implications of water supply for indigenous Americans during Holocene aridity phases on the Southern High Plains, USA, Quaternary Research, 2002, Vol. 58: 139-148.

Rich, J., and Stokes, S., 2001, Optical dating of geoarchaeologically significant sites from the Southern High Plains and South Texas, USA. Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol. 20: 949-959.

Stokes, S., Colls, A.E.L., Fattahi, M., Rich, J., 2000, Investigations of the performance of quartz single aliquot De determination procedures, Radiation Measurements, Vol. 32: 585-594.

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Rich, J., and Stokes, S., 1999, Holocene chronology for lunette dune deposition on the Southern High Plains, USA. J. Rich and S. Stokes, Zietschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplement band 116: 165-180.

Rich, J., and Stokes, S., 1999, New applications of luminescence dating to Late Quaternary lunette deposits on the Southern High Plains, USA, Current Research in the Pleistocene, Vol. 16:143-146.