Dr. Eric Ewert, Professor


Ph.D. in Geography 2002 University of Idaho, M.A. in Geography University of Oregon, and his BS in Geology (Cum Laude) from Northern Arizona University.

Professor Ewert's current research and teaching interests lie in Environmental Studies, the American West, Population, Historical and Economic Geography, as well as GeoSpatial Technologies.  Dr. Ewert has lived in western states from Arizona to Alaska.  A life-long and mesmerized observer of the region, his current research and writing focus on the rapid demographic and economic change occuring in the American West and the costs associated with such environmental and cultural transgressions.  He has delivered more than two dozen papers at regional and national conferences, and traveled widely in the Americas and Europe.

Office: SS 304

Phone: (801) 626-6197

Email: eewert@weber.edu

Courses Taught at Weber State University

GEOG 1000 Natural Environments of the Earth

GEOG 1300 Places & Peoples of the World

GEOG 1520 Geography of the United States and Canada

GEOG 3210 Urban Geography

GEOG 3360 Economic Geography

GEOG 3450 Cartography/GIS

GEOG 3460 Advanced Cartography/GIS

GEOG 3540 Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean

GEOG 4880 Individual Research

GEOG 4890 Cooperative Work Experience

GEOG 4950 Advanced Regional Field Studies

GEOG 4990 Senior Research Seminar

Courses Taught at Other Institutions

Land and Resource Regulation

World Regional Geography

Human Geography

Physical Geography

Introduction to Anthropology

Social Science Freshman Seminar

Field Experience

Environment Amid Changing Values

Selected Publications

  • “The Coming Challenge: Population Growth and Water Decline in Utah.”  Chapter 1 in Hal Crimmel, Editor, Desert Water: The Future of Utah’s Water Resources, University of Utah Press, September, 2014.
  • “Promoting a Green Academic Program,” Teaching/Learning Matters, ASA’s Newsletter for the Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology, Volume 42, Number 2, Fall 2013.
  • Developing a Vision and Plan for the Northern Utah Geospatial Technology Education Program (NUGeoTec).  A NSF-ATE peer reviewed and funded proposal, pp 1-45, June 1, 2012.
  • “Maps of Great Salt Lake Region, Utah,” in Carla Koons Trentelman. “Place Dynamics in a Mixed Amenity Place: Great Salt Lake, Utah.” (Human Ecology Review. 18(2):126-138, 2011).
  • “Snowpack Says Utahns Need a More Conservative Approach to Water” Editorial, The Salt Lake Tribune, February 7, 2015.
  • “State of Utah a Single-Use Land Mismanager” Editorial, The Standard Examiner, December 13, 2014.
  • “Time to Bite Bullet and Raise Fuel Tax” Editorial, The Salt Lake Tribune, February 1, 2014.
  • “Climate Change: Finally, at Least One Conservative Gets It” Editorial, The Salt Lake Tribune, September 29, 2013.
  • “Utah’s Misguided Land Grab” Editorial, The Salt Lake Tribune, June 16, 2012.
  • “Utah Growing Like a Third-World Country” Editorial, The Salt Lake Tribune, March 26, 2011.
  • “Welcome to Utah – Just Don’t Breathe” Editorial, The Standard Examiner, January 24, 2010.
  • “From Hinterland to Bellwether: A Century of Demographic and Economic Change in the Pacific Northwest” (The Journal of the West, Vol. 45, No. 1, Winter 2006, pp 41-51).
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