Fitness Class Descriptions


A terrific low impact class which takes place in the pool! Great for increasing stamina, flexibility, strength, well-being, and weight control. (All levels)

Ashtanga Yoga:

Ashtanga Yoga is a 5,000 year old set sequence of postures. Designed to challenge and bring strength, flexibility, and endurance to the body and a sense of stillness to the mind. Breath is the main focus. (All levels) 

Balance Challenge: 

A fun way to gauge your proprioception through different balance modalities including the Step 360, Spri Balance Discs, & Airex Balance Pads. Patrons are invited to work through this trainer-guided workout designed to challenge your balance and help improve your posture. (All levels). 


Bootcamp mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training, strength training, and cardiovascular training. Classes are designed in a way that pushes participants harder than they would push themselves.  Class won’t be easy but our culture of teamwork and group support will assure you finish with senses of accomplishment and camaraderie.

Foam Rolling:

Foam rolling is the perfect mid-day class to stretch the body, roll out tension, and relax the mind through breathing and holding poses. Come join in this 45-minute relaxation session sure to invigorate you and center you for the rest of your afternoon! (All levels) 

Lateral X:

Looking for a new and different workout? Lateral X is perfect for those looking to get their cardio & strength training completed in one 45-minute session workout. A total body workout using the unique stride pattern offered with Octane's latest Lateral X cardio piece. A great cross-training piece for those who typically run or bike or a specificity trainer for skiers, skaters, and snowboarders. (All levels) (7 spaces) 

Mindful Stretch: 

Learn to tune into your body with the power of deep breathing and stretching. Come join this class to improve your flexibility and confidence in your breath which can help reduce injury during exercise. Layers of clothing and water are recommended. (All Levels) 

MyRide® Cycling:

A high-energy and fun class which brings the feeling of riding outside indoors. This 60-minute biking class incorporates MyRide® technology which features outdoor scenery streaming to participants in 1080hp quality. A virtual experience you can't miss! Classes focus on cardiovascular strength, power, and muscular endurance. A workout sure to leave participants happy! (All levels)

TRX® Stretch & Strengthen:

A feel-good workout sure to leave you feeling strong, refreshed, and full of energy. This unique class takes a slow and gradual approach to building heat through dynamic mobility exercises intermixed with energy releasing stretches. Come check out this different approach to fitness and see if it's the perfect class for you! (All levels) 

TRX® Suspension:

students doing TRX

Train for function! Focusing on strength and stability, the TRX® Suspension system leverages gravity and your body weight in a fast, effective total-body workout that increases muscular endurance and helps build a solid core. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise: you simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance! (All levels) 


» TRX® Rip:

students doing TRX

Train for movement! The TRX® Rip system helps you build core strength with asymmetric rotational movement that mirrors the way you move in everyday life and sport activities. The innovative resistance cord system provides effective total-body training with the ability to layer on complexity to suit your goals. (All levels)


YinYasa Yoga:

A sweet combination of Yin and Vinyasa flow yoga. The first part of the class will be focused on stimulating the connective tissue of the hips, thighs, pelvis and spine, increasing flexibility and function of the joints. Following the yin poses, the focus will shift into linking movement of the body with breath. Modifications will be given for all levels. Finishing the class off with some stretches and most importantly relaxation. You will leave this class feeling physically and mentally renewed.


students doing yoga

A soothing restorative approach to yoga exploring basic yoga poses, technique, breathing, and mindfulness. This is a deep practice yoga that is gentle yet intense that helps open the body and cultivate the ability to observe and stay with sensation. (All levels)


Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment, and culture into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation! Zumba exercise classes are "fitness-parties" that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration. (All levels) 


Lori Harlin
Interim Group Exercise Coordinator

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