Life Enhancement Model (LEM)

The Life Enhancement Model (LEM) is a simple yet effective approach developed by Weber State Fitness Coordinator Janes Merlin Dreamweaver in an attempt to alter the way we think about healthy-living, physical fitness, and overall wellness.

Adopting a new lifestyle can be intimidating, challenging, and quite frankly; unenticing. At Weber State we realize change is especially difficult when battling strong behavioral habits and learned ways of thinking developed over extended periods of time. The primary goal of the LEM is to help ease the minds of people looking to embark on a wellness journey and provide a strong foundation for successful behavior changes. The LEM proposes we can more easily change our behaviors if provided with a high incentive upon getting started. High incentives typically yield higher adherence and success rates.

Our group exercise classes, personal training options, and instructional services all follow this holistic model of wellness to promote perfect form and movement.


The Feel-Good phase of the LEM embodies this idea! In order for people to adopt and adhere to a new behavior, the behavior itself has to make one feel better about themselves; pretty much instantly.

Feel-Good Focus:

  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Encouraging self-efficacy
  • Increasing self-love (empowering well-being and happiness)

We feel once participants have built a strong foundation around these principles they are well-equipped to begin the Corrective phase.


The Corrective phase focuses on restoring functional movement patterns in people while increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility. We believe if people are able to successfully learn corrective exercise techniques they will hold the power to restore their bodies from a non-functional status to a functional status.

Corrective Activities Include:

  • Foam Rolling 
  • Stretching
  • Corrective Exercises

Imagine the benefit of knowing corrective exercises and movements able to remedy nagging issues which are hindering you from reaching your peak activity and performance levels.

Activity & Performance

The Activity & Performance phase is the pinnacle of the LEM model. This phase represents the time when people feel confident in their ability to perform desired physical activities with minimal risk of injury and unnecessary physical compensation for pervasive injuries.

Our goal at Weber State is to help everyone reach the level of Activity & Performance they desire. Further, we feel once people have reached this phase they have a strong foundational knowledge beneath them to self-prescribe & self-rehabilitate minor injuries.