WSU Education Fingerprinting Office (EB 022)


The Spring Fingerprint Appointment Schedule


Attention school volunteers or current teachers seeking license renewal: for your convenience, consider visiting the Ogden School District LiveScan site for your fingerprinting needs.

There will be Walk-In Fingerprinting on:
March 17 3-6 pm
April 14 3-6 pm

You must have all your paperwork (signed authorization, biographical form, cashier's receipt, and ID) to be fingerprinted.

The WSU LiveScan Fingerprinting Office can only submit electronic versions of fingerprints for Weber State University programs, Utah State Office of Education licensing, and other select Utah State programs.  We cannot do fingerprint cards, or fingerprint you for programs outside the state of Utah.


To be fingerprinted for a background check for a WSU University program (i.e., Teacher Ed, CHFM, AT, HPHP, Charter Academy, CIC Americorp, etc.) you must do the following:

1) See your program coordinator (links on the left) to get instructions on the payment of fees and how to obtain a biographical authorization form. Your authorization form must be signed by an authorized individual from your program before you can make an appointment and be fingerprinted.

USOE Applicants (relicensure or Teacher Ed): you will need the authorization letter from USOE that you receive in an e-mail after you have paid your background check fee, and a completed autobiographical form that you can download HERE or get from the Teacher Advisement Center when you make an appointment.

2) Pay the fingerprinting fee (not applicable to some applicants, check with organization requesting your background check).  The $20 fingerprinting fee is paid at the cashier's office in the Student Services building. We cannot accept cash, checks, money orders, cards, etc. We can only accept WSU cashier's payments.

3) Sign up for a 5-minute appointment slot, available on the dates and times listed above. The office will only be fingerprinting during these listed times.

To get an appointment, you must visit the Teacher Education Advisement Center (ED 230) with all your paperwork ready (cashier's receipt for the $20 fingerprinting fee, your signed and completed biographical authorization form). You will leave your authorization form with the desk personnel when you make your appointment. If the Fingerprinting Office is having walk-in appointments, you will not need an appointment; please bring all of your paperwork (authorization letter/form, biographical form completed, identification, and duplicate receipt) with you.

4) Show up on the date and time of your appointment with a government issued picture identification (driver's license or passport;
CCW not acceptable). Appointments are valid for a 15 minute window.

Questions about the Education Fingerprinting Office can be directed to Dr. Brent Horn (

Effective May 28th, 2012, the Education Fingerprinting Office will only offer minimal hours of operation, typically by appointment only during the listed times. If you are not a WSU Student seeking fingerprinting for a University program, or you are seeking fingerprinting services for another Utah State sponsored program (coaching, internships, teacher re-certification), it may be more convenient for you to visit one of the other LiveScan sites, such as the Ogden School District site.  Please refer to the other LiveScan community sites listed by the USOE.


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