WSU College of Education Fingerprinting Office (ED 022)

FALL 16 Semester DATES/TIMES (subject to change)

Fall 2016 Semester Appointment Schedule

Aug 24--12:00-4:00 pm          Aug 25--10:00 am-2:00 pm          Aug 26--8:00 am-12:00 pm

Aug 30--1:00-5:00 pm          Sept 1--1:00-5:00 pm          Sept 2--1:00-5:00 pm

Sept 6--11:30 am-2:30 pm          Sept 8--11:30 am-2:30 pm          Sept 9--1:00-5:00 pm

Sept 13--2:00-5:00 pm          Sept 15--2:00-5:00 pm          Sept 16--1:00-5:00 pm

(additional dates may not be added, plan to make one of the 12 sessions for your Sp16 courses)

IMPORTANT NOTE: These dates are for WSU students needing fingerprint services associated with their course of study. Appointments for fingerprinting with the Care About Childcare Office, located on the WSU Ogden campus, can be made by calling 801-626-7837. 

How to complete the background process:

  1. Contact the program that needs to collect your criminal record information for information about paperwork, fees and signatures (see program list below).
  2. Make a fingerprinting appointment through the Teacher Education Advisement Center either in person (ED 230) or by phone (801-626-7694).
  3. Obtain the required signatures, required additional paperwork, and pay the required fees.  You will need to take your fingerprint application with you to the Cashier's Office to pay your fees.  The Cashier's Office will require you to have the sppoint date/time filled out to pay your fees. You will NOT be fingerprinted unless the paperwork is properly completed.
  4. Bring your form(s) and government issued ID (Driver's license or Passport) with you to your fingerprinting appointment.

Fingerprinting office policies:

  • If you need to be fingerprinted for multiple programs (for example: USOE and the Children's School), make two appointments on the same day (back-to-back), then you will only be charged the fingerprinting fee ONCE.  If you schedule them on different days, then you will have to pay the $20 fingerprinting fee TWICE.
  • Appointment scheduling closes one hour before the start of the listed fingerprinting times.  You may not be able to complete the forms and make the payments in a short time frame.  Please plan accordingly and give yourself 24 hours to prepare for your appointment.
  • There are no appointments guaranteed after scheduling closes.
  • Your appointment is canceled if you are 15+ minutes late.  You will have to reschedule.
  • Make sure to bring your valid gov't ID, your fingerprint application, and any additional paperwork must provide.
  • The WSU Education Fingerprint Office has a strict NO REFUND policy. Do not pay your fingerprint fee until you have an appointment (or a valid drop in time).

For answers to questions about what you need to do to be fingerprinted, please contact the individual associated with your specific educational program:

  • Teacher Education--(link to Teacher Education background instructions) Michelle Checkman (
  • Children's School Activities--Camie Bearden, Children's School Director (
  • Child and Family Studies (outside Children's School activities)--See your professor
  • Charter Academy--
  • Athletic Training Undergraduate--Jenn Ostrowski (
  • Athletic Training Graduate--Valerie Herzog (
  • Americorp/CCEL--Mike Moon (
  • Non-WSU Student Teacher Relicensing--Visit the USOE Background Check website for information including contact information on other LiveScan Fingerprinting sites in the community.
  • Child Care Licensing (UT Dept of Health)--Call 801-626-7837


Notice about your criminal record information

Your fingerprints and other data will be sent to the Western Identification Network and Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of obtaining your regional and national criminal record information.  You have the right to challenge the accuracy of any information contained within the FBI criminal history record.  The procedure for changing, correcting or updating an FBI criminal history record can be found in Title 28, CFR, 16.34.  You may have the right to see or be informed of the specific criminal record information obtained by the qualifying entity according to Utah State Law.  State law precludes the physical dissemination of the contents of your criminal record information to anyone other than the qualifying entity that requested your information, including the yourself.  You may obtain a copy of your criminal record information by contacting the Utah State Bureau of Criminal Identification.

The WSU LiveScan Fingerprinting Office can only submit electronic versions of fingerprints for Weber State University programs, Utah State Office of Education licensing, and other select Utah State education related programs.  We cannot do printed fingerprint cards, or fingerprint you for programs outside the state of Utah.