Parking Violations and Penalties

A motor vehicle found in violation of the rules and regulations is presumed to have been parked the registered owner, or the person who registered the vehicle with Parking Services. Penalties arising from vehicles found in violation are the responsibility of the registered owner and/or the person who accepts responsibility when registering said vehicle. 

Online Payment

You can now pay your parking violations online. You will need your citation number and license plate number to access this site.

Unpaid Violations

If you fail to pay or appeal a citations, one or more of the following actions will result:

  • Campus parking privileges may be denied
  • Holds will be placed on registration materials and transcripts
  • With the accumulation of five or more unsettled citations, vehicle will be subjected to immobilization or impoundment
Violations Paid Within 10 Days Paid After 10 Days
Meter Violation $6 $11
Parking Out of Stall $16 $21
Parking a motorcycle in a parking stall $16 $21
Improper Display of a parking permit $11 $16
Using more than one parking stall $16 $21
Parking in or impeding a crosswalk $16 $21
Failure to display a parking permit $16 $21
Parking in a tow-away zone $16 $21
Parking in a disability stall $51 $56
Parking in the wrong lot $16 $21
Parking in a construction area without a permit $16 $21
Parking with an expired permit $16 $21
Blocking a parked vehicle in $16 $21
Parking in a loading zone $16 $21
Parking in the roadway $16 $21
Using a citation to park $11 $16
Immobilization fee $50 $55
Parking without a permit $16 $21
Parking in a no parking or restricted area $26 $31
Parking in a reserved stall $26 + boot fee  
Displaying a lost or stolen permit $101 + boot fee  
Parking in a red zone $26 $31
Parking in a fire lane $26 $31
Using an altered or fraudulent permit $101 + boot fee  
Parking in a special permit area/ stall $26 $31