Forms and Instruction

Accounting Forms / Instructions

    Budget Transfers
    Bookstore Scholarship Fund Transfers - Excel Format
    Check Request for Prize, Award, Stipend, Honorarium($400 or less) - Word format
    Check Request for Prize, Award, Stipend, Honorarium($400 or less)
    Check Request - Refunds - Word Format
    Check Request - Refunds
    Department Check Log
    Funds Transfer Lynx - Excel Format
    Funds Transfer Lynx
    New Account Request & Change of Responsible Person Form*
    Mileage Reimbursement Form - Word Format
    Mileage Reimbursement Form
    ProCard Reallocation*
    Vendor Registration (Accounting) - Word Format
    Vendor Registration (Accounting)
    Vendor Registration-Independent Contractor Form - Word Format
    Vendor Registration-Independent Contractor Form
    Waiver of Income Request and Transfer Form - Word Format
    Waiver of Income Request and Transfer Form
    Weber State University W-9 2013
    Utah State Tax Exemption Certificate
    Information Sheet for Income and Travel
    WSU Departmental Monthly Account Reconcilation Guide

    * indicates that you can fill out the form online,
    then print it and mail it to us at Mail Code 1014


Budget Forms / Instructions

   Budget Transfers
   Funds Transfer Lynx - Excel Format
   Funds Transfer Lynx
   Transfer Calculator Sheet - Excel Format
   Repair and Replacement Fund Guidelines - Word Format
   Budget Transfers With Benefits - Word Format
   Budget Query - Word Format
   Salary Planner Instructions
   Self Service Budget Transfer


Payroll Forms and Information

Time and Attendance System (TAS)

    TAS - Employee Guide
    TAS - Training Manual
    TAS Access Request Form
    TAS CellPhone use Agreement Request Form

Time Worked Systems

    FLSA Time Worked Access Request Form
    Time Entry Approval Guide

Leave Tracker System

    Leave Tracker Access Request Form
    Leave Reporting Guide

ePar System

    ePar Handbook

Paycheck Information

    How to Access Your Pay Stub
    How to Read Your Pay Stub
    Payroll Earn Code List
    Payroll Benefits and Deduction Codes

W2 Information

    W2 2012 Information and Instructions
    W2 2013 Information and Instructions
    W2 2014 Information and Instructions
    W2 Electronic Enrollment

Tax Forms and Information

    Additional State Tax Withholding Authorization
    W4 2015 Form

I9 Information

    I9 Form


    FLAC Guide

Frequently Requested Form

    Emergency Draft Request Form
    Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Form
    Adjunct New Hire Form