• What is WSU Online/Canvas Learning System?
    WSU Online is a virtual branch campus of the University on the Internet.  It is referenced using many different names, but it is all the same system.  Students with Internet access are able to take online courses as well as user online support services.  WSU Online makes it possible for students facing busy schedules, long commutes, or geographic distance to take advantage of the convenience of online courses with the support service that are essential to their success.

  • Unable to login to WSU Online/Canvas.
         1. Have the student login at weber.edu
            a. If student is unable to login at weber.edu walk student through password change.
        2. Clear Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
        3. If student can login at weber.edu
            a. Have student login by going to canvas.weber.edu.  Login with wildcat username and password.
        3. Check to see if you can login at canvas.weber.edu (verify site is up)
        4. Transfer to WSUOnline/6499

  • Students course does not show in the course list.
        1. Make sure student is hovering over courses.  DO NOT click on courses.
            a. See link for screen shot of course list.
            b. If the course does not show when hovering over courses transfer call to WSUOnline/

  • Video or sound does not work.
        1.Try a different browser.  FireFox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 only.
        2. Make sure student has Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real Player install.
        3. Transfer to WSUOnline/6499

  • What browsers are recommend to use with WSU Online/Canvas?
    Firefox 3.5 or later
      Google Chrome
    Limited support for Internet Explorer and Safari.  If have problems, try Firefox or Chrome.
  • How to enroll students in courseFor night and weekend technicians only.
    1. Verify the student is enrolled in the course by looking up the CRN under the Faculty tab in eWeber and view the Summary Class roll.  Do NOT use the help desk verification tool.
    2. If student is listed on the class roll, login to Canvas (canvas.weber.edu) with service account admin account.
    3. Hover over courses
    4. Click Weber State University
    5. In Find a Course field enter in CRN
    6. Click course for the correct semester if prompted with more than one class
    7. Click People
    8. Click Manage Users
    9. Click Add Users
    10. Make sure Add More is set to Students
    11. Check box "Don't send invite, just auto-accept these users" (This is very important, don't skip this step)
    12. Type in students wildcat username.  Do not put in their email address.  Verify the username is correct by using the helpdesk verification tool.
    13. Click continue
    14. click OK Looks Good, Add This 1 User
    15.  Student's name will now now show in Canvas roll and they should see it when they hover over courses.

    • If you do not have access to enroll students in Canvas or if you have problems enrolling students please transfer the call to WSUOnline/6499

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