All Proposal Forms for Curriculum

PLEASE NOTE:  Curriculum will be submitted using the new Curriculog system.  All New and Changes to curriculum (Substantive and Non Substantive) will be created in Curriculog.  

To access Curriculog, please login to the eWeber Portal, type in CURRICULUM PROPOSALS in the search bar.  Please add this app to your favorite’s category for future use.  This is the access point for submitting EVERY type of curriculum proposal (Substantive & Non-substantive).

For training on Curriculog - go to Training Tracker, Class 602-01

 If you have any questions, please contact:, Patti Glover x6233, or John Cavitt x6172.


Be sure to import from the WSU Catalog - existing Programs or Courses!
  • 1.  New Course Proposal (Required for New courses and "Substantive" changes to existing courses)
  • 2.  Course Revision Proposal (Substantive & Non-substantive)
  • 3.  Change in Variable Title Proposal (to change titles in existing courses)
  • 4.  New Experimental Course Proposal  (for New Experimental Courses, i.e. they can only be taught for two semesters.  They must have a new course Number)
  • 5.  Workshop Form (Non Substantive - must include a syllabus)
  • 6.  New Program Proposal - (A new course that has NEVER existed - Substantive)
  • 7.  Program Proposal Changes - Substantive 
  • 8.  Program Proposal Changes - Non-Substantive
  • 9.  Course Deletion Proposal (this doesn't delete the course  - it only inactivates it)
  • New General Education Collaboration Courses for WSU Program
  • General Education Forms -  Remember that this also requires a Course Proposal if you are adding a Gen Ed Designation to a New or an Existing Course.
    • American Institutions
    • Composition
    • Creative Arts
    • Diversity
    • Humanities
    • Life Science
    • Physical Science
    • Quantitative Literacy
    • Social Science
  • General Education Course Renewal and Assessment Proposals  (General Education Renewal Schedule Click Here)
  • Program Discontinuance  (Substantive)

General Education Policy for New Courses and Renewal of Gen Ed Courses  (Click here for policy)

Creative Arts and Humanities should assess two semesters of data for their renewal next year - Fall 2017.

Go to the General Education Website for the Missions and Learning Outcomes by Area.