Faculty Senate Standing Committees 2016 - 2017

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Click on committee name (below) for a complete listing of all committee members.  Committee Charges for next year will not be linked to this webpage until after the September Faculty Senate meeting and they are approved.  

Academic Resources and Computing 2016-2017
See the ARCC Web Page for more information
ARCC Charges 16-17
Shannon McGillivray, Chair - Ext 7867

Fred Chiou, Liaison - Ext 6470
David Ferro, Administration - Ext 8095

Admissions, Standards, and Student Affairs 2016-2017
ASSA Charges 16-17
Mark Denniston, Chair- Ext 6085

Kathy Newton, Liaison - Ext 6778
Jeff Steagall, Administration - Ext 7253
Casey Bullock, Registrar, Ex Officio - Ext 6750
Scott Teichert, Ex Officio - Ext 7670

Appointment, Promotion, Academic Freedom, and Tenure 2016-2017 
APAFT Charges 16-17
(See below for other information on this committee)
Valerie Herzog, Chair - Ext 7656
Sarah Steimel, Liaison - Ext 6535
David Matty, Administration - Ext 6159

For more information on Promotion and Tenure go to the Provost's Office Web page
See also the Faculty & Staff Resources web page for other information such as Sabbatical Application

Information from WSU Policy & Procedures Manual

College Tenure Documents (Click here for link to Tenure documents for ALL Colleges)

Performance Compensation Forms  (Click on the Links below)  Deadline - 20 November 2016

Constitutional Review, Apportionment, and Organization 2016-17 
CRAO Charges 16-17
Melina Alexander, Chair - Ext 5742

Kathy Newton, Liaison - Ext 6778
To be Determined, Administration - Ext

  • WSU Apportionment for 2016-17

Curriculum 2016-2017  (See listings below for this committee)
Curriculum Cmte Charges 16-17
John Cavitt, Chair - Ext 6172

Nicole Beatty, Liaison - Ext 7034
Casey Bullock, Registrar, Ex Officio - Ext 6750
Brian Stecklein, C.E. Representative, Ex Officio - Ext 6787
Leigh Shaw, Chair, General Education Improvement & Assessment, Ex Officio, Ext 7429
Valerie Herzog, Graduate Council Chair, Ex Officio, Ext 7656
Sally Cantwell, Curriculog Support, Ext 7858

  • Members
  • All Curriculum Forms are located in Curriculog in the eWeber Portal.
  • Curriculum Submission Deadline Dates 2016-17
  • Curriculum Policy and Procedures Manual Index 
  • Gen Ed Course Review Information  

Environmental Issues 2016- 2017
See the EIC Web Page for More Information
EIC Charges 16-17
Shaun Hansen, Chair - Ext 801-395-3548 (Davis Campus)

Gary Johnson, Liaison - Ext  6697
Frank Harrold, Administration - Ext 6232
Mark Halverson, Ex Officio - Ext 6562

Faculty Board of Review 2016-2017 (No hyperlink for this committee)
Contact the Faculty Senate Office, 6233, for more information.

General Education Improvement & Assessment 2016-2017
GEIAC Charges 16-17
Leigh Shaw, Chair - Ext 7429

Rob Reynolds, Liaison, Ext 6237
Eric Amsel, Administration - Ext 6006
John Cavitt, Chair, Curriculum Committee, Ex Officio - Ext 6172
Leslie Park, Student Success Center, Ex Officio - Ext 7910

Honorary Degree 2016-17  
Honorary Degree Charges 16-17
Ed Walker, Chair, Ext 6162

Marek Matyjasik, Liaison, Ext 7726 

Research, Scholarship, and Professional Growth 2016-2017
See the RSPG Web Page for More Information
RSPG Charges 16-17
John Armstrong, Chair - Ext 6215

Fred Chiou, Liaison, Ext 6470
To Be Determined, Administration - Ext
, Ex Officio, Ext

Salary, Benefits, Budget, and Fiscal Planning 2016-2017
SBBFP Charges 16-17
Laine Berghout , Chair - Ext 6954

Doris Geide-Stevenson, Liaison - Ext 7634
To Be Determined, Administration - Ext 
Teaching, Learning, and Assessment 2016-2017 
Contact the Teaching & Learning Forum web site for or additional information. 
TLA Charges 16-17
Colleen Packer, Chair - Ext  7658 or 6256

Pamela Payne, Liaison - Ext 801-513-3637
Joan Hubbard, Administration - Ext 6403