Posted 3/19/15

Student Professional Awareness Conference

Presented by USU IEEE

Saturday, March 28 
9:00 - 3:00 PM
Utah State University
Lunch by Cafe Sabor
Workshops on Python, Matlab, Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Early Bird Price for College Students $8.00

Posted 3/18/15

Food and Drinks

The IEEE lounge is currently stocked with soda pop and snacks.  Please help yourself but be sure to leave your payment in the form of a donation.  The price list is posted.  

Thank you IEEE Officers!

Posted 7/14/14

New Location for IEEE Lounge

Due to the demolition of Building 4, the new IEEE Lounge is located on the first floor of the ET Building - Room 133.  
Currently, there are sofas, desks, chairs and a table for students' use. 

Posted 4/10/14

New Officers for 2014-2015

Chair:                    Bryan Duquette   bryanduquett at    801-781-0553
EE Vice-Chair:      Cody O'Brien        codyobrien at        801-603-4540 
Treasurer:             Jimmy Phan         jimmyphan at       801-391-5557
Secretary:              Jay Atkinson        jayatkinson3141 at       801-643-9698
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Fon Brown      fonbrown at                   801-626-7781 


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