Faculty and Staff


Dr. Kirk D. Hagen

Department Chair, Professor, Pre-Engineering Advisor 

Office: ET 236C
Phone: 801-626-6998
Email: khagen@weber.edu

Kirk Hagen, a Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor at WSU, earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah in 1989. Dr. Hagen came to Weber State University in 1993. Prior to joining WSU, he worked in the aerospace and electronics industries for 13 years conducting thermal analysis and design of solid rockets and communications systems. His primary areas of engineering expertise are thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. He is the author of two books on heat transfer, one book on engineering analysis and a book on renewable energy.

Justin Jackson

Dr. Justin B. Jackson

Associate Professor - Sabbatical 2014-2015

Office: ET 236D
Phone: 801-626-6078
Email: justinjackson@weber.edu
Personal Page: http://faculty.weber.edu/justinjackson

Justin Jackson has a PH.D. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in electronic materials from the University of Utah. Justin also holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Weber State University and a Master's of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah. Justin is also a proud graduate of the Electronics Engineering Technology program at Weber State University. Justin's teaching interests include: Digital, FPGA, ASIC and VLSI design along with semiconductor physics and devices.

Fon Brown

Dr. Fon Brown

Associate Professor - Electrical Engineering and  IEEE Advisor

Office: ET 236B
Phone: 801-626-7781
Email: fonbrown@weber.edu
Personal Page: http://faculty.weber.edu/fonbrown

Dr. Brown received his Bachelor's degree from Utah State University in 1984 and began working at Signetics (now Phillips) Semi-conductor. While employed, he earned his Master's degree in computer science from Brigham Young University. When Signetics moved its facility to Albuquerque, Dr. Brown joined Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation and helped design flight simulator hardware and software. He earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University in 1999 and joined GE Healthcare to design software to perform real-time computer-aided tomography from x-ray data. In 2007, Dr. Brown joined the Electrical and Computing Engineering department at Utah State University as a Lecturer, and in 2010, he came to Weber State University to help establish the new Electronics Engineering program.


Dr. Larry Zeng

Associate Professor

Office: ET 135
Phone: 801-626-6864
Email: larryzeng@weber.edu
Personal Page: http://faculty.weber.edu/zeng

Larry Zeng has a BS degree in Applied Mathematics from Xidian University, China, and an MS degree and a Ph.D. degree both in Electrical Engineering from University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. Larry was with University of Utah as a tenured full Professor before coming to Weber State University. Larry has been doing research in medical imaging and homeland security. Larry has published over 126 peer-reviewed journal papers and holds 20 U. S. patents. Larry is an IEEE fellow and is the author of the textbook "Medical Image Reconstruction.


Dr. Christopher Trampel

Assistant Professor

Office: ET 236E
Phone: 801-626-6891
Email: ctrampel@weber.edu
Personal Page: http://faculty.weber.edu/ctrampel

Chris Trampel graduated with his Ph.D. in electrical engineering emphasizing electromagnetic theory from Iowa State University in 2012. Dr. Trampel has conducted research on a variety of topics in industry and academia. He wrote computational electromagnetics analytical models of the electromagnetic fields supported by rectangular plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) chambers while working for PowerFilm Solar in Ames, IA. His academic research included nanophotonicscurrent nondestructive evaluation. Prior to joining Weber State, Dr. Trampel was an adjunct instructor of mathematics at Des Moines Area Community College. He particularly enjoys teaching and mentoring students.


Dr. Suketu Naik

Assistant Professor

Office: ET 137
Phone: 801-626-6895
Email: suketunaik@weber.edu
Personal Page: http://faculty.weber.edu/snaik

Suketu Naik received B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University in 2002, M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Utah in 2004, and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Kyoto University in 2011. For past few years, his focus has been the application of Nonlinear Dynamics using Analog and RF Integrated Circuits (IC) and Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) devices. He is particularly interested in multi-disciplinary work that includes sensors, energy harvesting, electronics, MEMS and/or Nonlinear Dynamics.

Susan Foss

Susan Foss


Office: ET 236
Phone: 801-626-6898
Email: susanfoss@weber.edu

Susan is happy to be working with the professors and students at Weber State University. She enjoys the opportunities for learning here and after work, she likes to ski, play the piano, ride her bike, go camping, bake desserts and play with her cats, Snowball and Snowflake.

Randall Kent

Randall Kent

Adjunct Instructor

Office: ET 218F
Email: randallkent@weber.edu

Randall Kent earned his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering and his BS in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota. He came to Weber State University in the Fall of 2011. Prior to joining WSU, Randall worked in the aerospace industry for 25 years, with assignments in the areas of aerothermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, insulation design engineering, and project engineering. His primary areas of engineering expertise are thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, insulated part design, rocket motor exhaust plume signatures, and IR decoy engagement modeling.


Eric Widdison

Adjunct Instructor

Email: eric.widdison@us.af.mil

Eric Widdison has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University, where he concentrated on signal processing and communications. He also has a master of business administration degree from the University of Tennessee. He has worked for the US Air Force at Hill Air Force Base since 2004. He has worked with several ground-based radar systems, and with a wide range of RF, digital, and communication electronics.


Ted Stokes

Adjunct Instructor

Email: ted.stokes.1@us.af.mil

Ted Stokes has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho and a master's degree in Business Administration from Utah State University. He concentrated on computer engineering and signals and systems analyses during his EE curriculum. Ted joined the Air Force in 1983 and has worked for them in various engineering capacities ever since. His Air Force work has focused on aircraft avionics, computers, systems engineering, and structural engineering.