Associate of Pre-Engineering Degree


Associate of Pre-Engineering (APE) Degree (60 credit hours minimum)*

General Education Core Requirements (18 credit hours)

  1. Composition (6 credit hours)
  • ENGL EN1010        Introductory College Writing (3)
  • ENGL EN2010        Intermediate College Writing (3)

    2.   American Institutions (3 credit hours)

  • POLS AI1110          American National Government or
  • HIST AI1700           American Civilization or
  • ECON AI1740         Economic History of the United States

    3.  Computer and Information Literacy (2 to 5 credit hours)

      (The credit hours for this requirement do not count toward the 60 credit hour total).

 General Education Breadth Requirements (9 credit hours)

  • Select 9 credit hours:  3 credit hours from Humanities (HU), 3 credit hours from Creative Arts (CA), and 3 credit hours from Social Sciences (SS).

Engineering Core Requirements (20 credit hours)

  • ENGR 1000            Introduction to Engineering (2)
  • MATH SI1210         Calculus I (4)
  • MATH SI1200         Calculus II (4)
  • PHYS PS/SI2210    Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (5)
  • PHYS SI2220          Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (5)

Engineering Specialty Courses (22 credit hours)


Engineering specialty courses are those required for specific engineering disciplines at the receiving universities.  The primary engineering disciplines are:

  • Biological and Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Consult the Pre-Engineering Coordinator or the WSU general catalog for more information on engineering specialty courses.


*The Associate of Pre-Engineering (APE) degree is not equivalent to the Associate of Science (AS) degree because the APE degree contains fewer general education credits than the AS degree.