Got Innovation?

The Commander's Challenge is an opportunity for our military and civilian
junior workforce (<10yrs experience) to be part of a rapid innovation
project to solve a real military problem. 

In addition to team members, we need mentors too!  I will be bringing in
experts to teach and mentor the team.  Time commitment for mentors would
vary from a couple hours in a single event to recurring events, based on
your availability.  We may need experts in manufacturing/construction,
electronics, drones, aeronautics, etc.  If you are interested in being a
mentor, please send me your contact information and areas of expertise.

  • Open to all Junior Workforce (less than 10 yrs experience)
  • Travel expenses for kickoff at Wright Patterson (last week of June or early July) and final competition paid for by AFRL
  • Sign up before 31 May by sending an email and short resume to your base representative
  • Candidates will be selected and notified by 16 June and report to duty by 30 June
  • Execution period: June 26 2017 – Jan 2018
  • You may send requests for more info to (primary) (alternate)

Ruth Schaefer
Hill POC Commander's Challenge



New IEEE Officers

The results of the IEEE Elections are:

President:  Suny Ly
Vice President: Orlando Salas
Secretary: Tanner Nelson



Egg Drop Contest

And the Winner is Suny Ly!




Interested in Robotics?

We are looking for students who are interested in designing and building robots to start a ROBOTICS Club here on campus!

For details, please contact:

Brandon Barker


Forbes List of Highest Starting Salaries

#2 Computer Engineering

     Average Annual Starting Salary - $63,313
     Salary Range - $34,800 - $100,200

#3 Electrical Engineering

    Average Annual Starting Salary - $61,173
    Salary Range - $32,800 - $97,900