Employee Wellness encourages employees to learn how Wellness Pays! 

Wellness Pays is divided into two seperate programs: Bonus and Rewards.

Bonus ProgramThis program is only avaliable to employees and their spouses that are covered under WSU PEHP insurance. Once employees complete a Health Risk Assessment, a blood lipid screening and meed specific health criteria, they will receive a monthly $30 bonus. Spouse can also complete the same testing proceedures and recieve an additional $30 monthly bonus. This program is completely voluntary. 

Rewards ProgramThis program is avaliable to all benefits eligible employees. Spouse may not participate in the Rewards Program. Through this program, employees are rewarded for completing healthy behaviors. Participants can receive credit in three different categories: Preventative Screenings, Physical Activity, and Healthy Behaviors. This program can earn participants up to $200 a year, no more than $80 from each catergory. Payments are made on a semester basis.