Changes for 2015

The Wellness Pays Submission Form has moved to the eWeber Portal. Please search for the Wellness Journal in the eWeber Portal. Select the "Wellness Pays" tab, and complete the form. 

What is Wellness Pays?

  • Wellness Pays is an incentive program provided by WSU Employee Wellness for salaried employees designed to reward participation in healthy activities.  By having regular preventive care, being physically active, and engaging in other healthy behaviors, well-being can be improved or maintained, and chronic diseases can be prevented. 
  • A salaried employee may earn up to $200 per calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 1) by completing items on the Wellness Pays menu, with no more than $80 from any single category. 


  1. Locate the Activity Submission Form on the eWeber Portal. 

    a. Login to your eWeber Portal account.

    b. Search for the Wellness Journal

    c. Select the Wellness Pays tab
    d. Complete the Submission Form

  2. Turn in verification (proof of activity)

    a. Submit verification directly to your submission form as an attachment

- Or-
     b. Email, fax or mail verification to the Employee Wellness Office. 

3. View your submissions.

      You can view your submission and their status by scrolling to the bottom of the Wellness Pays page of the Wellness    

Receiving $ on your paycheck:

  1. Payouts occur 3 times per year. (May, August, & December)

  2. Payments will be added to the employee’s regular paycheck and will be designated as “supplemental pay” on your pay stub.