Employee Wellness recommends that all full-time faculty, staff and their spouse complete a wellness assessment once a year.

The benefits of a wellness assessment can include:


  • Free health screening
  • Qualifies employee for 3 hours of weekly wellness time on the clock (w/supervisor's permission)
  • Qualifies PEHP member for rebate program ($50 minimum for completing assessment)

Employee Wellness offers two types of assessments:


Assessment Type


Qualifies For

Cost: Faculty/Staff


Cost: Adjunct, Retiree, Hourly

Comprehensive Assessment

Fasting Blood Work, Blood Pressure, Body Comp., Fitness Testing, PWP, 20 Page Results, 30 Minute Follow-Up

Wellness Release Time* & PEHP Rebate(s)**

No Charge


Concise Assessment

Fasting Blood Work, Blood Pressure, Waist Measurement, BMI, PWP

PEHP Rebate(s)**

No Charge



 *not applicable to Spouse, Adjunct, Retiree, Hourly

**not applicable to Adjunct, Retiree, Hourly