Early College - Registration

Registration Process

1. Provide your completed Priority Registration form (see links below) to your Early College advisor by the deadlines listed below.

Summer 2015 Registration Form Due: Friday, April 3, 2015 
Fall 2015 Priority Registration Form Due: Friday, April 10, 2015

2. Your Early College advisor will have your registration processed.

Note: If you are admitted after the Priority Registration deadlines or submit your forms late for another reason, you will have fewer course options from which to choose and will not be able to register until your specific registration date opens. After your specific registration dates open, you may register online via your WSU student portal. Always confer with your Early College advisor regarding course selection.

3. Meet with your Early College advisor before altering your course schedule in any way.

Consult with your Early College advisor regarding financial or other implications for changing or dropping courses. Know the course cancel and withdraw deadlines so you know by when you must drop if necessary. For the list of cancel and withdrawal dates, check the academic calendar.