Wildcat Username FAQ

What is a Wildcat Username?
A Wildcat Username is your personal and private key to electronic access to Weber State University. In the eWeber student portal, your Wildcat Username will allow you to register online for classes, review your grades, do WSU Online class work and perform many other activities vital to your education at WSU. Using your Wildcat Username user name and the account password you set up, you will be able to do your University business online, anywhere, any time. 

Why do I need a Wildcat Username?
The University will be consolidating all online services in the new student portal.  Authentication for access to the portal will be through your Wildcat Username.  In addition to the online services already mentioned, it will be required for access to online course materials and to use computers in WSU Open Computer Labs.  Also, important information and all official electronic notices from the university (including scholarship information) will be sent to your Wildcat Username.  Additional features will be added over time, and the Provost's office is conducting meetings with interested groups of students to develop plans for additional services.

What is the “universal eMail address” part of my Wildcat Username?
Every Wildcat Username includes a lifetime universal eMail address.  This ensures that the flow of official WSU electronic information to every student will be unaffected by individual changes in eMail addresses, programs and Internet services.  Lifetime eMail addresses are part of WildCat Mail.

Can I use other eMail programs to access my Wildcat Username messages?
Although WildCat Mail comes with its own browser-based interface, it works equally well with a variety of third party eMail programs or “clients,” such as Outlook Express, Outlook, IncrediMail, the Campus Pipeline Luminis eMail client, etc.  A few simple procedures configure these programs (and others) to download and send messages and attachments automatically from WildCat Mail.  A significant advantage to using a third party eMail program is that once downloaded, messages may be stored on your computer.  This prevents your WildCat Mail message store from becoming clogged with old messages and reaching its 7.5 Mb storage limit.

I already have several eMail addresses.  Can I use WildCat Mail to simplify my life?
Yes – WildCat Mail can serve as an automatic “collector” account for up to three additional eMail addresses (please note that some eMail services do not allow this).  This works especially well if you use a third-party eMail program to ensure that your account storage limit is not exceeded (see preceding paragraph).

What are the advantages of a lifetime eMail address?
Students are encouraged to consider using WildCat Mail as their primary eMail address.  Remember, while you are enrolled at WSU, important official messages (such as your eligibility for special scholarships, financial aid status, etc.) will be sent to your WildCat Mail address.  Remember, once established, your WildCat Mail address is yours forever.  You control your password and how the account works for you.  You can give others your WildCat Mail address with confidence knowing that future moves, changes in Internet service providers and changes in computers and software will not affect the ability of friends and family to keep in touch with you indefinitely.

Do I have to use WildCat Mail for eMail?
No – students can continue to use whatever eMail address (Hotmail, YahooMail, etc.) they prefer.  However, to receive official electronic information from Weber State University (Wildcat Username messages) each student MUST ensure that their WildCat Mail is forwarded to their preferred eMail address.  For most people this is a simple procedure that needs to be done only ONCE.  If a student changes their preferred eMail address frequently, they will need to change their WildCat Mail forwarding rule EACH time to continue to receive official notices from the university.

If you have any questions or problems, contact Computing Support at (801)626-7777