Web Developer Series at Weber State Downtown

Continuing Education offers classes related to front-end web design and development at WSU Downtown. 

*Any required materials associated with these classes will be provided on the first night of class.


    The open web is the largest technology platform and it touches almost every aspect of our lives. Come learn the languages that power this platform: HTML and CSS. In this class you will learn the potential of HTML and CSS and how to better leverage the open web as a platform. Learn how to improve and create a consistent design for your own or your company's website.

  2. Responsive Web Design

    Smart phones and tablets have made viewing websites much easier from wherever you are. Although the majority of websites in the U.S. today are viewed using a desktop computer with a large screen, that majority is quickly shifting in favor of a mobile device.

    Responsive web design is a technique that will prepare you for this fast-approaching future by allowing your website adapt to any screen size using html and css.

    This course covers the techniques used in responsive design including media queries, fluid layouts, responsive typography, and the responsive design process.

    Prerequisites: Working knowledge of HTML as well as an understanding of HMTL5; Solid understanding of CSS as well as an understanding of CSS3


  3. Javscript/Jquery

    JavaScript is the most popular programming language and jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library.Learning both of these will allow you to ascribe to the jQuery motto "write less, do more". With the skills you will gain in this class you will be able to add interactive and dynamic elements to your site and engage new audiences.

  4. Mobile Development for Android

    Introduction to developing applications for Android mobile devices. Students will use the Eclipse IDE in conjunction with the Android SDK. Students will gain advanced experience in Java and XML as they develop mobile applications both individually and as members of a development team.

    Prerequisites: Intermediate Programming Experience.


There are no refunds on these courses after the class has started. Full refunds are available prior to class start dates.


Contact the Continuing Education Professional Development Office at 801-395-3407 for further information on these classes

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